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Are you interested in sponsoring the Mid-Columbia Senior Center?

The sponsorship cost is $200.

An alternate way to pay: click this link and enter your amount! Be sure to call and let us know what your donation was for.

What’s our reach?

  • In-Person

There’s always something going on at the Mid-Columbia Senior Center! We have a wide variety of activities available, and there’s not a single day of the week, Monday-Friday (and Saturdays, too!), when there are people going in and out of our doors.

We estimate about 300 people come and go in our building every week, most of which come more than one day a week! (Some people come every day for meals, games, and all the other fun things we offer!)

  • Newsletter

Our newsletter currently has 350+ local subscribers, and we’re expecting to grow more over the next year as we increase our marketing efforts. Our read rates are currently at 70% on most newsletters.

  • Website

Our website is, as you can see, getting some buzz! We can’t wait to see what further efforts will do to increase our reach here.

  • Social Media

We have 600+ active local subscribers on our Facebook page.

If you’re interested in becoming a business sponsor, please contact the Mid-Columbia Senior Center:

CALL: 541-296-4788

You can also pay us directly: