Senior Living January 15 2008

Senior Living January 15 2008

Seniors today are living longer and staying more active (many say the 80’s are the new 60’s) and are engaged everywhere in the community. I look at many community organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Community Meal, St. Vincent DePaul, Civic Auditorium Restoration, Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions and I see folks over 65 doing valuable service for the community and changing the world one step at a time. They have the commitment, experience and time to put their energy into something they really care about and believe in. Without this reservoir of talent and passion our community would not be what it is. And mixed with the diversity of ideas and experiences from the “juniors”, “sophomores” and “freshman”, you have the ingredients for a healthy and vibrant community.

Whenever we lose one of these seniors because of their death, or having moved to be near their adult children or to find better weather, we lose that human capital that makes our communities so rich. Last month we loss a valuable worker and advocate for the Meals-on-Wheels and a friend of the Senior Center, Barney Ross. He was a class act and his death was a loss to the whole community and we miss him. Fortunately, we also gain many new faces to our community – the traffic goes both ways. They may have recently retired, or moved here to be closer to their adult children or to find better weather (the Gorge beats the Midwest) and they add new perspectives and vibrancy to our communities. Many thanks to the seniors who give their time and energy to make our communities stronger and healthier.

Next Chapter Lecture Series

Last Tuesday Jim Bishop from Westcorp Mortgage was to speak on Reverse Mortgages at the Senior Center’s weekly lecture series the “Next Chapter”, but the weather did not cooperate. It has been rescheduled for March 19th so you will still have a chance to learn whether this financial tool is right for you. Next Tuesday on the 22nd at 11:00, Heather Runyon will discuss: Financial Planning for the Twenty-First Century – Ten Steps to Insure Your Financial Future. Heather is an Investment Specialist and Partner at Edward Jones and Company, The Dalles, and will present information to help you understand the markets, and how to weather the storms of fluctuating markets as we are seeing these days. Feel free to join us for lunch following in our dining room.

Tuesday Night Music

Last Tuesday Night Music was also canceled so you didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the music of the “Notecrackers”. Fortunately they will be back again February 12th. But tonight you have the chance to get your dose of local musical talent with the band “Stay Tuned” featuring Linda McAllister, Peter Tappert, Ron Ontiveros & Hannah Griffith. Next week you can dance up a storm with the “Jazz Generations”. The fun always starts at 7:00 and it is all free although donations are gladly accepted. Enjoy good friends and great music!

Travel Club

Because of the unpredictability of January weather in the Gorge, the Senior Center did not schedule a trip in January. While we are planning the Senior Center’s spring trips, Hood River Community Education provides many day trips, including their very popular monthly Mystery Trips. You do need to drive to Hood River to catch the bus, but the trips are definitely worthwhile. Call 541-386-2055 for more information.

Also award winning actor Kurt Sutton will perform “An Evening with Mark Twain” on Saturday January 19th at 7:00 pm and Sunday January 20th at 2:00 pm at the Columbia Center for the Arts in downtown Hood River. Tickets are $18 for general admissions and $15 for seniors. You can call 541-387-8877 for more information.

AARP Driving Safety Class

It must be the weather or the time of the year, but we have very few signed up for this month’s AARP Driver’s Safety Class on January 20th and 21st from 9:00 – 1:00 both days. It is a very popular class and a great way to learn more about safe driving and the latest rule changes. The class is every third Monday and Tuesday of the month. Call the Senior Center at 296-4788 to reserve your spot.

Third Saturday Breakfast

Everyone is invited to the Senior Center’s Third Saturday Breakfast from 8:00 – 10:00 sponsored this month by Flagstone Retirement and Assisted Living. The menu is Country Fries, Country Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Biscuits, fruit and your choice of beverages. The cost is $5.00 and $4.00 for Senior Center members. Come on down and enjoy a nice breakfast and learn more about the housing options provided by Flagstone Retirement and Assisted Living.

One of the benefits being the director of the Senior Center is the chance to learn more about how to age well with grace and humor (there are plenty examples here at the Center). I hope to share with you information I am learning on the aging process and how we can best embrace it instead of denying it. With that in mind here is a quotation by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow that I heard on a podcast found at iTunes University on the Art of Aging. Until next time, keep doing what you believe.

“For age is opportunity no less

Than youth itself, though in another dress,

And as the evening twilight fades away

The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.”

Meals-on-Wheels Menu:
Wednesday (16th) Roast Beef and Oven Potatoes and Gravy

Thursday (17th) Chicken Fried Steak and Creamed Cabbage

Friday (18th) Beef Stroganoff over Noodles and Green Beans

Monday (21st) Pub Battered Fish and Au-Gratin Potatoes

Tuesday (22nd) Birthday Dinner Chicken in Alfredo Sauce with Broccoli Rice

Senior Center Activity Schedule:

Tuesday: Yoga 9:30; Next Chapter Lecture Series: Dr. PK Swartz, End of Life Issues – Advanced Directives and Organ Donations 11:00; Music: “Stay Tuned” 7:00

Wed: Seniorcise 9:15; Open Computer Lab 10:30 – 12:00; “Young at Heart” Serenaders 10:30; Strong Women 2:00

Thursday: Yoga 9:30; Tap and Clogging 10:00; Pinochle 1:00; MOW Bingo 6:00

Friday: Seniorcise 9:15; Open Computer Lab 10:30- 12:00; Bridge 1:30

Saturday: Saturday Breakfast 8:00 – 10:00; Coffee and Cards 9:00; MCSC Bingo 6:00 PM

Monday: AARP Driver’s Safety Class 9:00 – 1:00; Seniorcise 9:15; Open Computer Lab 10:30-12:00; Quilters 10:00; Strong Women 2:00

Tuesday: AARP Driver’s Safety Class 9:00 – 1:00; Yoga 9:30; Next Chapter Lecture Series: Heather Runyon – Financial Planning 11:00; Music: Jazz Generations 7:00 pm

Senior Living January 22, 2008

Senior Living January 22, 2008

Because there are so many activities to share, I am going to forgo my opening ramblings and get straight to the activities of the week starting with the “Next Chapter” Lecture Series. This coming Tuesday the 29th, Jason Corey, a local attorney with Dick, Dick and Corey, will discuss and answer questions about “Wills and Estates”. You will have a chance to learn how to make sure your desires are fulfilled and your family protected after you are gone. The presentation will begin at 11:00 at the Mid-Columbia Senior Center and you are invited stay afterwards for lunch. Even though we have speakers scheduled through May, we are still looking for more. If are interested in a particular topic, or you know of someone who would speak on a subject relevant to seniors and juniors, give the Senior Center a call. We hope to make the “Next Chapter” Lecture Series a regular date on your weekly calendar. I also need to make a correction regarding the popular Reverse Mortgages presentation by Jim Bishop of Westcorp Mortgage. It is scheduled for February 19th and not March 19th.

Book Club

Is there anyone who would like to start a book club focusing on aging issues? It can be during the day or in the evening. Two particular books have recently been recommended to me: Boom! Voices of the Sixties: Personal Reflections on the 60’s and Today by Tom Brokaw and The Art of Aging: A Doctor’s Prescription for Well-Being by Dr. Sherwin Nuland. Give the Senior Center a call if you are interested in facilitating a book club on aging issues.

NU-2-U Shoppe: Every once in a while Bette Dahlberg and Martha Williams think we aren’t moving the used clothes out of the NU-2-U Shoppe fast enough and we need a $1-a-Bag sale. I believe we are already selling these good quality used clothes for far too little and now they want to sale them for even less. But they are the boss and you are the winners. So this Thursday from 10:00 – 1:30 at the Senior Center’s NU-2-U Shoppe, everything goes for only $1-A-Bag.

Smart Program

After Dr. PK Swartz (I spelled it right this time) made his presentation at the Next Chapter Lecture Series he encouraged folks to volunteer for an very effective and rewarding program called SMART (Start Making A Reader Today). They are looking for caring adults who can volunteer one hour a week to read with a child at risk of low literacy. If you are available during the day, this is a real opportunity to help a child learn one of the most important life skills, reading. For more information you can contact Cheryl DeHart at 993-1025 or e-mail her at


If you enjoy Pinochle or Bridge there are opportunities to play both at the Senior Center. Pinochle is every Thursday at 1:00 and participation is increasing (I need to buy two more card tables.) and Bridge is every Friday at 1:30. This is a great way to enjoy old friends and meet new ones while exercising that grey matter between your ears. But I am still waiting for someone to start a poker club.

The AARP Tax Aide Program starts Friday, February 1 and will be available from 4:00 – 6:30 on Fridays and from 9:00 – 2:00 on Saturdays in the Senior Center basement. This valuable program provides free tax preparation for seniors and others who need help in completing their tax returns. Ronell Currie, who coordinates the program in the Mid-Columbia area, wants everyone to know they have the ability to file your taxes electronically and can do Washington state returns.

Tonight at the Senior Center, the Jazz Generations will be playing their Big Band Sound starting at 7:00. Tuesday Night Music is one of the most popular programs at the Center not only because of the fine music, but also because it is a great opportunity to get up and dance. (And it is dancing, not shaking like I much of the younger generations do.) It is fun to watch couples moving gracefully in rhythm and together. Next Tuesday the 29th, the Senior Center’s own “Young at Heart” Serenaders will recreate a Mitch Miller Sing-Along for your enjoyment with printed lyrics available.

From the Bulletin Board: Do you want to learn more about plants, gardening and how to develop a “Green Thumb”? Applications are now being accepted to become a Master Gardener. Classes begin Wednesday February 13 and applications are due by January 21. To learn more about Wasco County Master Gardeners call Lynn Long at 296-5494 or pick up an application at Hughes Feed and Grain, The Dalles Library or OSU Extension.

We are seeing new faces all the time at the Senior Center. If you want to stretch your mind and your body or you want to put a smile on your face or you just want to hang out and read, come down to the Senior Center. It is a great place with great folks. And as with any family or community, we do have our differences of opinion. I have found from 20 years in local politics that good people can disagree, and that is not bad. There are times however when differences are due to misinformation and need to be clarified. Specifically, you can be member of the Senior Center at any age and we would like anyone who supports our mission of “promoting healthy aging by sharing and caring” to join. But to be a member that votes at the general membership meeting in July you need to be at least 50 years old, with a few exceptions, and not 60 as some have suggested.

So until the next time, stay current and remember, if at first you don’t succeed, listen.

Meals-on-Wheels Menu:
Wednesday (23rd) Taco Casserole and Salsa

Thursday (24th) Salisbury Steak and Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

Friday (25th) Stew and the Friday Salad Bar

Monday (28th) Turkey and Dumpling

Tuesday (29th) Lasagna

Senior Center Activity Schedule:

Tuesday: Yoga 9:30; Next Chapter Lecture Series: Heather Runyon – Financial Planning 11:00; Music: Jazz Generations 7:00

Wed: Seniorcise 9:15; Open Computer Lab 10:30 – 12:00; “Young at Heart” Serenaders 10:30; Strong Women 2:00

Thursday: Yoga 9:30; Tap and Clogging 10:00; Pinochle 1:00; MOW Bingo 6:00

Friday: Seniorcise 9:15; Open Computer Lab 10:30- 12:00; Bridge 1:30

Saturday: Coffee and Cards 9:00; MCSC Bingo 6:00 PM

Monday: Blood Pressure Check 10:00; Seniorcise 9:15; Open Computer Lab 10:30-12:00; Quilters 10:00; Hearing Aid Service 12:30; Strong Women 2:00

Tuesday: Yoga 9:30; Next Chapter Lecture Series: Jason Corey “Wills and Estates” 11:00; Music: “Young at Heart Singers” 7:00 pm