Aging in the Gorge February 16th 2022

We all experience aches and pains, right? It just goes with living a long life. But there are times when the pain should not be ignored, and you should seek medical attention.  

In her 2020 article for AARP “10 Pain Symptoms You Should Never Ignore, Michelle Crouch shares the advice of several doctors about which pains you should seek immediate care. I’m not including the reasons why but let’s just say theyre not good. If you want to read the whole article you can visit 


The first thing to keep in mind is any new or unexplained pain should be checked out by a doctor even if it’s not severe. But some pains are more serious and should be evaluated immediately. 


1. Pain with loss of function such as when you injure your leg and can’t move it.  


2. Eye pain that comes out of nowhere 


3. Any type of chest pain because a heart attack isn’t always a sudden, crushing pain. It can be more like a dull pressure or a heaviness. Other signs of a heart attack are vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, or shortness of breath while doing ordinary activities.  


4. Pain in one or both arms, your jaw, or between your shoulder blades are lesser-known symptoms of a heart attack and are more likely to affect women. 


5. The worst headache of your life. A headache is particularly worrisome if accompanied by neck stiffness, weakness, vision change, or occurs after hitting your head if you are taking a blood thinner. 


6. Severe abdominal pain particularly a new pain that doesn’t go away or keeps getting worse or is associated with vomiting, swelling, or a fever.  


7. Increasing calf or thigh pain, especially if in just one leg, after a prolonged period of inactivity, even if it’s not severe. It may feel like a muscle cramp and is often accompanied by leg swelling or redness.  


8. Pain from a minor wound (especially one that is red and swollen) that keeps getting worse over a few days can be a sign of a serious infection. 


9. Pain after a procedure or injection can occasionally cause infection or bleeding. If you experience persistent pain or loss of function, call your provider right away. 


10. Pain with a high fever can be your body fighting a dangerous infection. It’s especially important to seek treatment quickly if the pain is in your mouth, throat, or neck; in your lower or upper back; associated with an area of tender, inflamed skin; or is at or around a surgical site.  


You know your body and which pains are normal. But for those new and unexplained ones, don’t ignore them thinking you are tough and want to show your independence, or you don’t want to bother your doctor or worry your children. You don’t want to spend time in a hospital bed wondering “I should of ”. 


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Well, it’s been another week, trying to play the long game which isn’t so long anymore. 

Until we meet again, I’ve found I don’t forget things, I just remember them at the wrong times.  


Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before. The “Come up and see me some time Mae West 


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