Aging Well April 15th 2014

Over the last six year since I turned sixty, I have found getting older is a series of adventures: never knowing what to expect next. And I never knew how many of those adventures would have to do with this body of mine: the occasional broken hip, incapacitating dizzy spells; hearing loss (my hearing in one ear is so bad it doesn’t need a hearing aid so hearing aids are half the price!), a nose that springs a leak without any warning  foretelling things to come?, anxiety dreams about forgetting words during conversations – do I need to go on?
And even though the body isn’t always cooperative, there are advantages to growing older. Really. I can take a mid-day nap without anyone raising an eyebrow; I feel entitled and sometimes even compelled to give unsolicited advice about life to fortysomethings; if I forget or misplace something, I am excused because, you know, older folks are like that; and I have learned so much about health problems I could start my own medical practice.
I am sure there are still many more adventures left – some good and some I wish I could avoid. But with the many role models I see every day who are my guides showing me the cliffs to avoid and the mountains to climb, I am looking forward to the making the best of the many years ahead. 
The Center hasn’t scheduled any trips yet, but most every month, Community Education Services of the Hood River School District offers a Mystery Trip usually on the third Wednesday of the month. The mystery and the fun is that no one except the bus driver knows where you are going. But the trip always includes some kind of adventure plus lunch for only $40.00. The bus leaves from the LDS Church parking lot in Hood River at 9:00 and returns by 4:00. The next trip is scheduled for May 21st. To register call Hood River Community Ed at 541-386-2055 or email them at 
At every one of the 11:00 Tuesday Lecture at the Center, I guarantee you will learn something new and useful. For example, last Tuesday, Ann Stanley from Gorge Spine and Sports Medicine explained that in order to reduce your risk of falling you need to not only work on balance, but also improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. There are many places where you can do that such as The Fitness and Court Club, Water’s Edge, and at the Center which offers the Chair Yoga, Seniorcise, Tai Chi and Strong Women classes.  
As a part of the Tuesday Lectures, the Center with the help of Joyce Powell Morin and MCMC, has lined up a Fourth Tuesday Spring Lecture Series called “You and Your Health” focusing on health issues facing older adults. On April 22nd, Nicole Clark, an Acupuncturist at Water’s Edge, will explain the many ways acupuncture can improve your health; on May 27th, Andy Roof, physical therapist, will discuss how to manage living with persistent pain; and on June 23rd James Petrusich, audiologist, will explain what you can do about hearing loss.  
Okay, you had a week’s break so now it is time to start working out again at the cerebral gym. See if you can decipher this week’s music announcement for the Center.  
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The name of the automobile that was every young man’s dream fifty years ago was the Ford Mustang. (And the winner of a Cherry Festival Breakfast on April 26th is Lyn Dalton.)  
For this week’s “Remember When” question let’s again go back fifty years to May of 1964 when this daytime soap opera debuted on NBC and ran through 1999. What was the name of the show that for fifteen years  was NBC’s highest rated soap opera, and included the plot line of a love triangle with  businessman Steve Frame, schemer Rachel Davis and the more sophisticated Alice Mathews. E-mail your answer to, call 541-296-4788 or mail it with a stamped envelope postmarked from the town of Bay City.   
Well, it has been another week realizing once again, I don’t really have a clue. Until we meet again, laugh, love and enjoy every sandwich.   

“You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” Warren Buffett 

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