Aging Well April 20

Its “Cherry Mania” week: the time to officially announce it’s spring in The Dalles (except for last year) and time to reconnect with neighbors and friends. I was going to share information about depression and older adults but with the sun shining, the weather warming and the party starting, I will wait till next week.

An annual Cherry Festival tradition is the Center’s Cherry Festival breakfast. And everyone is invited. Breakfast will start a little earlier 7:30 and end a little later 10:00 AM to give everyone a chance to enjoy a nice breakfast before they start their day of fun and games. The menu will consist of hot cakes smothered with fruit compote and whip cream, bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit and your favorite beverages. All for only $6.50 for adults, $5.50 for members and $3 for children five and under. Scout Troop #395 will be around to take care of your every whim and fancy. So start your day right! Because as Jack always said “Breakfast tastes better when someone else cooks it!”

Several weeks ago at the Center Anya Kawka spoke about the Parks and Recreation’s Sunup Walking Club that will be starting this summer. She wants to get more folks involved, so if you are interested or have any questions she would like you to call her at 541-296-9533 or email her at As a reminder the Sunup Walking Club will meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at different parks in the area, giving you a chance to enjoy one of the best, yet simplest aerobic exercises with new and old friends.

And as a footnote, Anya will be the speaker for the Center’s Tuesday Lecture on May 5th presenting a slideshow of her 2007 hike across Oregon and half of California along the Pacific Coast Trail. Surprisingly – and inspiringly – Anya saw more than a few seventy-somethings making the trek along with the “young, athletic, hard-bodies”.

I just can’t seem to make Klea Espy happy! She is always looking for volunteers to help at Habitat’s Restore Store and last year I shared her plea for several good looking, well built men to volunteer and show her around the tool shed at the Restore Store. And I thought I would be thanked. Well she still needs volunteers but is willing to accept any mere mortal who knows which end of the hammer to grab. The store is open from 10 – 4 Tuesday through Saturday. If you are interested, call the store at 541-296-4486 or drop by at 1008 West 6th Street.

Habitat is also looking for a site manager so they can build two houses at the same time. They have the land and the resources; and the need; they just don’t have the person to lead the charge. Walt Notter is the current construction site manager and although he can work wonders, two houses is a step over the line. And ladies think of the possibilities. You may have a husband – just retired following you around the house like a lost puppy and just being a major pest. Here is a perfect chance to get the old man out of the house. Call Habitat to bring some normalcy back to your life.

The music for this coming Tuesday on the 27th will be the Jazz Generations. We will pull up the imaginary carpet, push back the dining room tables and sweep the floor clean so everyone can get up and shake a leg with their partner. And tonight it’s the Sugar Daddies. Come and find out why “Boys will be Boys”. There is no charge except what electricity you can generate on the dance floor. But donations are appreciated. Music starts at 7:00 and everyone is invited.

The best response to last week’s “Remember When” question – your most memorable date movie -was from regular contributor Joann Scott who said – with a wink and a nod- she went several times to the drive-in before she realized that there was actually a movie showing. This week’s question acknowledges that as kids we weren’t perfect either. “What was your most memorable prank you were involved in? (And I have already heard about knocking over out houses on Halloween.) If you are willing to share your answer call 541-296-4788, or email
Well that was another week that was. Until we meet again enjoy all the Cherry Mania you can handle and don’t be too shy to say “hi”.

“I have the worst memory ever, so no matter who comes up to me – they’re just, like, ‘I can’t believe you don’t remember me!” I’m like, ‘Oh Dad I’m sorry!’ – Ellen DeGeneres

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