Aging Well August 13th 2013

Downsizing sounds like one of those cold business terms used during tough financial times. But it has a whole different meaning when after the kids have left for greener pastures, you decide living in your house is like wearing a 48 inch pair of paints with a 32 inch waist – way too much room.

But it is tough trying to sort through all the personal possessions accumulated over the many years: the children’s fourth grade Christmas decorations; the worn picture books read before bedtime, and the thanksgiving paper turkeys made out of traced hand prints.

And so many memories: pencil marks on the walls recording the growing children, the kitchen table where stories were shared and disagreements solved, and the rug on which you danced your two-year old to sleep while holding him in your arms. Memories you are afraid will be forgotten and lost – never to be awakened again, once you leave these familiar walls.

But it is time to move. And after days or months of indecision you find a moment of weakness and finally decide to clean house – tossing memories and hoping that days or months later you won’t regret your actions.

So you are ready. Now what are your housing options? A small condominium, apartment, assisted living – or a Volkswagen van crisscrossing America?

These options (except the Volkswagen van) will be discussed at the next Passport to Happiness event on Wednesday August 21stfrom 3:00 – 4:30 at the Center.  Dave Peters, the manager of the local Housing Resource Center, has invited speakers representing different types of housing including independent living, affordable senior housing, assisted living, group and nursing home care. You can also contact Dave at 541-296-5462 ext. 18 or toll free (888) 536-8919.

This coming Saturday is the Center’s monthly breakfast from 8:00 – 9:30 AM. Come and enjoy a delicious meal, meet old friends and support the Center. The menu includes either Biscuits and Gravy or Huevos rancheros casserole, (or what the heck, you can have some of both!) sausage, fruit and a breakfast beverage,

It is now confirmed – the LINK will be providing transportation to the County Fair on Thursday (free admission day) for the free Senior Picnic sponsored by Flagstone Senior Living and the Area Agency on Aging. The bus will be leaving the Senior Center at 10:00 and then leave the fairgrounds at 1:30. The cost is just $3.00 each way which is cheaper than the cost of gas to drive down there on your own. There is still plenty of room. Call the Center (541-296-4788) or the LINK (541-296-7595) to reserve your place.

Every time my daughter returned from one of her overseas adventures to Korea or Japan, she would bring home a bag or a shirt decorated with English words that at first glance you wondered “What  were they trying to say!“ So using a “lost in translation” version, here is this week’s music announcement for the Center after being translated to Chinese, Korean, Japanese and back to English. 

Today, Martin and friends to play center. Next Tuesday 21 August Truman move on the dance floor with your legs to create 6:00 doors open and music starts to 7:00, or donating $ 2 or $ 3.00 per door, thank you always encourage music.
The automobile company that entered the auto business in 1902 but closed its South Bend, Indiana factory in 1963 – and was the proud builder of the classis Avanti was the Studebaker Automobile Company or as Joann Scott, this week’s winner of a Saturday breakfast, pointed out was originally called The Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company.

For this week’s “Remember When” question, it’s one more question from the scrap pile of past cutting edge technology.  The reel-to-reel tape was the original format for magnetic tape sound reproduction, and although it produced superior sound it was complicated and unwieldy. In response, Bill Lear, of Lear Jet fame, led a consortium of companies including Ford and GM to develop an alternative: a magnetic loop tape enclose in a plastic container that could also be played in automobiles. What was the common name of this type of tape recording that was popular in the late 60’s and 70’s until replaced by cassette recordings? Mail your answer to, call 541-296-4788 or include it with Fleetwood Mac‘s Greatest Hits– the last major label recording in this format.  
Well, it has been another week trying to keep the chicken in the pot and the lid on top. Until we meet again, don’t let past imperfections taint your future choices.

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