Aging Well August 25

Most activities you can do by yourself: running or walking, playing a game of solitaire, reading a book or singing in the shower. I imagine you could even dance by yourself – no broken toes – although you may look a little strange.

But to age well (like a fine wine!) it is best to participate in activities with others, particularly at an age when isolation can be a real concern. The benefits are many: the sharing of ideas and thoughts, stories and experiences, and jokes and anecdotes. And there is also that darn peer pressure to show up – even when you’re too tired or lack the motivation.

The Center is all about doing things together. You can join one of the Center’s exercise classes: Seniorcise, Yoga, Tai Chi, Tap and Clogging. Or take advantage of the entertainment opportunities with music, movies and trips. And if you want more cerebral stimulation how about pinochle, bridge and cribbage or the Next Chapter Lecture series. All are opportunities to join with others to share and enjoy life. The new and returning classes are starting soon, so call the Center for more information or check the Center’s Blog at

For Wednesday Night Movies we are switching genres from screwball comedies to the grand American tradition: the Western. On the bill this Wednesday is the 1956 classic “The Searchers” starring John Wayne and directed by John Ford. It is the story of Ethan Edwards, a middle-aged Civil War veteran portrayed by John Wayne, who spends years looking for his abducted niece. It is considered by many as the best western ever filmed and hopefully that means entertaining too. The show starts at 6:00 pm and there will be free popcorn.

Tonight at the Center the Jazz Generations, a four piece combo composed of Hank and Ann Krum, Bob Fiske and David Fretz will be playing the big band sounds of the thirties through sixties starting at 7:00 PM. And this weekend there will be a “Music in the Park” Jam in Klickitat on Saturday the 29th starting at 7 pm. It may be a little drive from The Dalles but I hear it is a nice outdoor venue to enjoy fine music.

It has been a while since I put in a plug for Bingo, but now that summer is about over why don’t you come down to the Center Saturday night (early birds start at 6:00) and enjoy this great American pastime – there is no better thrill than yelling BINGO!. If you haven’t played since grade school come a little early to find out how the modern game is played. And if Saturday doesn’t fit your weekend schedule, there is Thursday Night bingo which supports Meals-on-Wheels and the good work they do.

The answer to last week’s question was the Hindenburg disaster that occurred on Thursday May 6th 1937 at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station and Don McAllister was the week’s winner of a free Saturday Breakfast at the Center on September 19th. But since it is not as much fun reminiscing about disasters as it is the radio and TV shows we use to enjoy, this week’s category is “TV shows of the 50’s -60’s”. What was the full name of Dobie Gillis’s side kick and American television first beatnik? Call the Center 296-4788 or email your answer to

The other day I saw Bob Koch, noted local photographer, and he mentioned how he attended his fifty-year high school reunion to see his high school classmates, but was disappointed because only their parents showed up. Has anyone else had that experience? And should I expect the same at my next high school reunion?

Well that’s another day. Until we meet again, make sure you play well together.

“I would never belong to a group that would accept someone like me as a member.” Groucho Marx

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