Aging Well August 27th 2013

Over the last week, the firefighters and federal, state and local agencies have received well deserved appreciation for working courageously to contain the Government Flats Complex fires. And with the rain and cooler fall-like weather forecasted, the wildfire should no longer be a threat.  

But they haven’t been the only ones busy. The Red Cross and the North Central Public Health District have been supporting those disrupted by the wildfire. In particular, they have been distributing N95 Particular Masks to anyone who is adversely affected by the smoke in the air. The Center still has a few of the masks if you need one to add to your emergency preparedness supply kit.

But this might also be a good time to ask yourself how prepared are you for an emergency? You can learn more about Emergency Preparedness at the recommended items for a basic emergency supply kit, how to make a family emergency plan (you might not always be together when an emergency occurs) and how to stay informed. (I learned when the power has been off for 4 hours or more you should throw away perishable foods in your refrigerator. And thawed food that contains ice crystals can be refrozen or cooked. Freezers, if left unopened and full, will keep food safe for 48 hours – 24 hours if half full).

Also you might want to sign up for the Citizen Alert system if you haven’t already. (It was used for the first time by the Wasco County Sheriff’s department to warn residents during the wildfire.) The system enables Emergency Response Agencies to quickly get critical information to you – not only concerning wildfires, but also severe weather, floods, street and road closures, missing persons, law enforcement activities and evacuation notifications. You can receive the notifications by phone, email, or text – whatever works best for you.
Go to the Wasco County website at and at the bottom of the page click on “The Citizen Alert Notification Sign up”. If you have difficulty or don’t have access to the Internet, you can call Wasco County Citizen Alert at 541-506-2790. Or you can always stop by the Center on Wednesdays between 9:00 – 11:00 during the Computer Help Lab (or call and schedule an appointment) and someone will assist you in getting signed up.

Now that you are prepared for any kind of emergency, let’s move on to something a little less serious – the foreign language of my youth. No, not the “Ich mag nicht!” German I had to learn in high school, but Pig Latin of my elementary school days. And since many of you probably also learned that secret language, you won’t have too much trouble understanding the weekly announcement for Tuesday Night Music at the Center. (And if you do have trouble, you can actually find a Pig Latin translator on the Internet. No kidding!)
Onighttay atway ethay Entercay, “Orfay ethay Oodgay Imestay” illway ebay ayingplay. Andway extnay Uesdaytay “Ethay Awberrystray Ountainmay Andbay” illway utstray eirthay uffstay. Ethay oorsday openway atway 6:00, usicmay artsstay atway 7:00 andway uggestedsay onationsday areway $2.00 erpay ersonpay orway  $3.00 orfay away ouplecay.
The answers to last week’s “Remember When” questions were: Twiggy – the British teenage model, famous during the mid-1960’s; and Woody Woodpecker – the “ha-ha-ha-HA-ha” cartoon character. (And the winner of a September 21st Saturday Breakfast is Mike Nagle.)

And how about one more “Double your Memories, Double your Fun” – for old time’s sake? 1) What was the name of the game show broadcast on television from 1956 to 1964 where each contestant explained her recent hard ship story and what she needed most? 2) Who was the American jazz pianist and singer with a soft baritone voice who was one of the first African- Americans to host his own variety show? And both answers have something to do with “royalty”.
E-mail your answers to, call 541-296-4788 or mail it with the classic film noir “Double Indemnity” starring Fred MacMurray – playing a character quite different from his “My Three Sons” role.

(And thanks to all of you who have sent in answers. Even though I can’t always reply, it is good to hear from you, particularly the many “Remember When” memories you have shared.)

Well, it has been another week thanking all the public employees and volunteers who work to keep us safe and secure. Until we meet again, there comes a time when you see your doctor so often, she is now invited to your family reunions.

“Be kinder than is necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.” Philo of Alexandria   

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