Aging Well February 2nd

It is going to be one of those hurry-up-and-keep moving kind of days. The calendar is full; I have once again over committed – I think it runs in the family. But it seems when I need more time, those precious minutes I do have pass so quickly. Maybe that is why, at least at my age, time seems to go so much faster. I know I don’t have forever anymore and I have noticed the sun beginning to set. But aren’t the most beautiful times of the day, the sunrise and sunset? As I try to accomplish all that I want before I punch the time clock for the last time, I should lean back, take a deep breath and enjoy the expansive and glowing sunsets in life. And like the early explorers, not fear what is beyond the sunset but accept, when the time comes, the ultimate adventure, discovering what lies beyond this world we know.

But while you contemplate life’s mysteries, you might want to waltz down to the Center on Tuesday nights. On the 9th, you can listen and dance to the Notecrackers who are back playing a gentle breeze of fine tunes. And although you may not have been dancing since you were a babe on your daddy’s knee, you can always learn – there is nothing better than taking someone in your arms and dancing your cares away. And playing tonight are The Rhythm Ramblers who are beginning to build quite a following. Bring your friend, your companion, your lover and discover what all the talk is about. The music starts at 7:00 and it’s absolutely, unequivocally and unbelievably free. But don’t miss the fine print “donations are warmly accepted”.

You may not be aware but the Wasco County Court is no longer. Not surprisingly, many people thought that the Wasco County Court was actually a judicial court instead of the legislative and administrative body for the county. But with the new reorganization creating a Wasco County Board of Commissioners, the confusion has been removed and the people of Wasco County are better served. You can learn more about the changes in county government and the challenges ahead at the Center’s Tuesday Lecture at 11:00 on the 9th. Dan Ericksen will make his annual pilgrimage to the Center to share with us his thoughts on county government and also give you a chance to ask him any questions you may have.

And Dan’s mother, Marilyn Ericksen, former Senior Center board president, Senior Living columnist extraordinaire and long time Original Courthouse board member is doing fine and feeling as good as when she was twenty – well maybe not that good. She will be the first speaker for this year’s Original Courthouse Regional History Forum series that begins Saturday the 6th at the Original Wasco County Courthouse behind the Chamber of Commerce. The topic will be “Nine Lives: the Little Courthouse that Refused to Die” about the history of this local historical treasure built in 1859.

Virginia at the Mid-Columbia Council of Governments wants me to mention that the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) still has a few positions available. This program builds on the idea that older Americans are dependable, reliable and energetic employees and a valuable resource for businesses, non-profits and public agencies. SCSEP is a work based training program for older workers; providing subsidized, part-time (up to twenty hours a week at minimum wage), community service work based training for low-income persons age 55 or older and have a family income of no more than 25% over the Federal poverty level. If you are interested and think you qualify for this program or just have questions, contact Virginia at 541-298-4101.

There were several responses to last week’s “Remember When” question including Jim Ayres who said he would be embarrassed if he didn’t know that Bart Starr was the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers when they won the first two Super Bowls in ’67 and ’68.

Today advertisers buy 30-second commercial spots during the Super Bowl to show their latest and greatest commercials, but in the early days of television, the whole time slots for the television shows were owned by the sponsors such as Grape Nuts, Maxwell House Coffee, and Lucky Strikes. Which leads to this week’s question “What company/product sponsored The Burns and Allen Show”?

Well, another week, another step in the stairway of life. Until we meet again, I’ll leave you with this Red Skelton quote I heard at the Center, “If I wake up and not surrounded by roses, I’m doing fine”.

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