Aging Well in the Gorge ~ April 12th, 2023

As you grow older, think of the benefits. You no longer have to worry about how to ask that cute girl to the middle school dance, what your children are doing after the football game on Saturday night; and the annual performance review so you can obtain that needed job promotion. We’ve been there, done that.

But now there are other worries. What other part of my body will need to go to the shop for repair? How am I going to get myself off the couch and stay active and engaged? (I’ve found a bowl of ice cream is an effective reward although some may consider that counterproductive!) How am I going to plan for long-term living arrangements on a fixed income?

These are some of the challenges we face as we age. To learn more about how to address these challenges and make the best of the coming years, you are invited to attend the Aging Well Learning Series which will be held once a month from April 19th through August 16th.

On April 19th the first presentation in the series will be “Aging and People with Disabilities Long Term Services”. You will learn about the services available for older adults and people with disabilities at home, in the community, and in care facilities.

The next will be a “Community Resource Panel” on May 24 when you will hear from a variety of organizations that support older adults: 211info, Alzheimer’s Association, CAPECO Money Management Program, Circles of Care, and Hood River Valley Adult Center.

The last three presentations will be “Disaster Preparedness for Older Adults and their Caregivers” on June 21st; “Staying Healthy and On Your Feet” on July 19th; and “Having the Tough Conversations” on August 16th.

These five presentations will take place from 11:30 to 12:30 at the FISH Food Bank Community Meeting Room at 1130 Tucker Road in Hood River. Bring a lunch or snack and hear what you can do to live well.

If you are aware of the benefits of technology in today’s digital world, (you may even be reading this column on the CGN website), you should consider becoming a trainer to lead a Senior Planet technology course in the Gorge. Senior Planet courses teach with a purpose: to help older adults be more socially engaged, financially secure, healthier, and creative in our digital world.

To become a new trainer, you will need to attend five virtual one-hour classes starting the week of May 15. There are two options: Tuesdays at 9:00 am or Wednesdays at 2:00 pm. If you are interested in being a trainer, contact Roni Hyde at 541-705-4870 or before the end of this month.

Brain Tease: See if you find this one too easy. “You are running in a street marathon and you overtake the person in last place, what position are you now in?”

The name of the “greasy” hair gel that used the tag lines, “a little dab will do ya!’ was Brylcream. I received correct answers from Afton Franger, Lana Tepfer, Jay Waterbury, Donna Mollett, Doug Nelson, Keith Clymer, Marny Wetting, Rhonda Spies, Rebecca Abrams, Sandy Kice, Jess Birge, Tina Castanares, Barbara Telfer, Pat Evenson-Brady, and this week’s winner of a quilt raffle ticket is Hood River High School Class of 1962 graduate Ken Jernstedt.

But the most intriguing answer was “Wildroot Cream Oil” submitted by Linda Frizzell which I’ve never heard of. Have you? According to Wikipedia, in the 1950s it was also associated with the greaser subculture when teenage boys slicked their hair down into a ducktail style.

Before hand-held hair dryers became popular, I remember my younger sister using this hair gel which was introduced in 1965 and marketed as a setting lotion for rollers. For this week’s “Remember When” question, what was the name of this woman’s hair gel that could give you that perfect ‘Do”? Email your answer to, call 541-296-4788, or send it with a picture of a Beehive hairdo – maybe from your high school yearbook?

Well, it has been another week, starting and stopping; starting and stopping. Until we meet again, if you use GPS when driving, you’re missing out on the adventure of getting lost!

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.” — Oscar Wilde

Nutritious home-delivered and in-person meals are available at noon Monday through

Friday unless otherwise noted.

Seniors of Mosier Valley (541-980-1157) – Mondays and Wednesdays; Hood River

Valley Adult Center (541-386-2060); Sherman County Senior and Community Center

(541-565-3191); The Dalles Meals-on-Wheels (541-298-8333)

For meal sites in Washington, call Klickitat County Senior Services – Goldendale office

(509-773-3757) or the White Salmon office (509-493-3068); Skamania County Senior

Services (509-427-3990).

Answer: This cannot happen. You cannot overtake the person who is in last place, as there is no one behind them!

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