Aging Well in the Gorge ~ April 5th, 2023

I’m trying to hold back the slow, methodical footsteps of time. I do all the right things. I exercise five days a week; I keep mentally stimulated by playing brain games and working the online NYT crossword puzzles (I use autocorrect!); I keep my sodium intake low and eat a daily variety of vegetables; and I stay socially active by working parttime and volunteering. But then I realize, I’m no longer the young whipper-snapper I used to be.

How do I know? Friends start giving me tissues when my nose, without informing me, starts dripping like an old pipe; I mention Ma Bell to my adult children and they want to know who she is; and among my younger friends, I’m the only one who knows how to spell Alzheimer’s! I can now empathize with the woman who was looking for someone with younger legs to mow her yard because at 87 she had finally reached the age when she couldn’t “cut the mustard, let alone the grass!”

I can’t stop the quickening passage of time. (Well, I can but I don’t like that alternative!) Instead, I will learn to embrace my age with humor and determination while enjoying this precious life adventure.

Which leads to this month’s “Through the Eyes of an Elder” a monthly column where over the past three years, a diverse set of “eyes” have shared their touching and moving examples of how to embrace your age. The column is made possible thanks to Columbia Gorge News and the efforts and vision of Tina Castanares and the Aging in the Gorge Alliance. Please check out this month’s column “It is never too late – or too early – to ‘Talk About Aging’”.

AGE+ is a non-profit supporting older adults, particularly in rural Oregon. In 2019, AGE+ established Circles of Care in The Dalles and is now active in the Hood River Valley through a partnership with Hood River Valley Adult Center and Providence Hood River.

Another initiative of AGE+ is the Ageless Awards to be held on April 20th which recognizes Oregonians 75 years or older who have lived their lives making significant contributions to their communities. These honorees are examples of the many individuals in our communities who defy ageist stereotypes, demonstrate the positive impact of older adults, and inspire others to do more in their communities. This year one of the five honorees has Gorge connections: Ed Edmo, a tribal member, poet, and storyteller, who grew up at Celilo Village and has spoken many times in the Gorge.

You can watch the Ageless Awards and hear the honorees’ inspiring stories by registering online at Or you can attend a Watch Party at the Mid-Columbia Senior Center on April 20th from 11:45 to 1:00.

Brain Tease: See if you can read this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson while walking backward. Actually, walking backward may not be a good idea.

.yleneres dna llew ti nigeb llahs uoy ;yad wen a si worromoT .nac uoy sa noos sa meht tegrof ;ni tperc tbuod on seitidrusba dna srednulb emoS .dluoc uoy tahw enod evah uoY .ti htiw enod eb dna yad hcae hsiniF

The name of the song Henry Mancini composed with lyrics by Johnny Mercer for the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s was “Moon River”. I received correct answers from Tina Castanares, Donna Mollet, Bruce Johnson, Kim Birge, Marny Weting, Rhonda Spies, Debbie Medina, Dave Lutgens, Pat Everson-Brady, Linda Frizzell, Doug Nelson, Lana Tepfer, Kirk Taylor, and Nancy Higgins who wins a quilt raffle ticket because I’ve missed her not once but twice! And last week I also missed Mary Pierce, Rebecca Abrams, and Rose Schulz.

In the 60s the makers of Vitalis launched an advertising campaign ridiculing grown men who still used that “greasy kid stuff.” For this week’s “Remember When” question, what was the name of that “greasy” hair gel that used the tag lines, “a little dab will do ya! Use more only if you dare but watch out! The gals will all pursue ya! They’ll love to run their fingers through your hair.”? Email your answer to, call 541-296-4788, or send it with the original TV commercial.

Well, it has been another week peeking around the corner. Until we meet again, keep an open mind but don’t let your brains fall out.

“Never test the depth of the water with both feet.” African Proverb

Nutritious home-delivered and in-person meals are available at noon Monday through

Friday unless otherwise noted.

Seniors of Mosier Valley (541-980-1157) – Mondays and Wednesdays; Hood River

Valley Adult Center (541-386-2060); Sherman County Senior and Community Center

(541-565-3191); The Dalles Meals-on-Wheels (541-298-8333)

For meal sites in Washington, call Klickitat County Senior Services – Goldendale office

(509-773-3757) or the White Salmon office (509-493-3068); Skamania County Senior

Services (509-427-3990).

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