Aging Well in the Gorge June 30th 2015

Recently I seem to have misplace both of my hearing aids for my good ear which put me at a disadvantage this last Saturday while attending my wife’s family reunion. But there was an upside. All of her relatives think I am a really friendly, because I was always smiling and nodding, which I often do when I don’t have a clue what everyone is talking about!
But I haven’t panicked, because those hearing aids are at least six years old, and this may be the impetus to purchase a new pair sooner than later. .
But as I research new hearing aids, I find so much talk about the stigma associated with wearing them. I’ve worn glasses since grade school, and there hasn’t been a negative stigma associated with them. Okay, maybe it is because the majority of folks with hearing aids are over 65; and that means if you have hearing aids you must be old – which everyone seems to want to avoid. But often because of the stigma (and the fact they cost as much as decent used car), too many people go without them – affecting their health and quality of life.
But I think if will do my part to take up the fight to reverse the stigma. Instead of trying to hide the hearing aids, why not flaunt them. I was thinking my next pair of over the ear hearing aids would be – bright red. Now your reaction may be the same as my wife’s which was “Are you nuts!” But how about Oregon green – or a calm ocean blue.
But I see several reason to wear a bright colored hearing aid.
First I’m proud of my age. Okay, I may find it difficult to climb out of the pool, but it was difficult when I was five and I didn’t complain then. Also, since I only need one hearing aid, because my left ear is basically deaf, everyone will know my good ear and which side to sit or walk on. And finally, I can become a fashion icon for the older generations – a trendsetter, which is often hard to do in your sixties.
So if you see me with a wild colored hearing aid, don’t laugh. I will be walking tall, wondering where all the noises are coming from.
It will be an exciting “Fort Dalles Fourth” in The Dalles with live music, Independence Parade on Saturday starting at 10:00 and many more activities. Plus the largest fireworks show in Oregon. Thanks to all the sponsors and community support to make this event happen. And you can still donate online at
The Center and Meals-on-Wheels will be closed on Friday July 3rd as will government offices. And for all the bingo players, there will not be Bingo this coming Thursday or Saturday nights.
For next Tuesday Night Music and Dance its back to the top of the charts with Andre, K.C. and Tom playing on July 7th for your dancing and listening pleasure. The doors open at 6:00, music starts at 7:00 and over by 9:00. As always, everyone is welcome and donations are appreciated.  
The name of the place where Ted Walkerhad his swim team practice in the Columbia River before the Natatorium was built was called the “Dip”. Jerry Phillips (who is this week’s winner of three Quilt Raffle tickets) remembers it being located just downriver from the old ferry landing, or where the cruise ships now dock. And fortunately, back in those days, the Floozies weren’t around to distract them from their invigorating practices.
Does the hot summer days and nights remind you of your younger days, driving around town or the back country roads, late at night trying to stay cool while listening to one of the many summer hits? These recent hot days reminds me of one of those songs. For this week’s “Remember When” question, what was the name of the rock band with folk roots that sang the #1 summer hit in 1965 that included the lyrics “Hot town, summer in the city/Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty”? Email your answer to, call 541-296-4788 or mail it with the name of your favorite summer song. 
Well, it’s been another week, trying to find that cool spot. Until we meet again, as Rob VanCleave once told me, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”
“It is officially too hot when the lure of jumping into a cold pool is finally stronger than the horror I feel when I see myself in a swim suit.”

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