Aging Well in the Gorge June 9th 2021

Now that you are retired have you thought about working part-time? No, hold on. I know what you may be thinking, “Are you nuts! I’m already working parttime: taking care of my garden, watching my grandkids, and volunteering. I don’t have time for a part-time gig! 

But if you have thought about being a new “gigster by working part-time and are willing to commit the time and the employer is willing to be flexible, it can be a win-win situation. And this may be the perfect time. “We’re Hiring” signs are everywhere, and I have been approached three separate times asking if I knew any older adults who would be interested in working in hospitality or driving a bus or taxi.  


Many employers view us as valuable workers because of our experience, maturity and we aren’t always connected by an umbilical cord to our smartphones – well, at least not most of us. And we already have health insurance through Medicare. What a deal! 


So why would anyone want to work past retirement? After surveying older adults who are working parttime, Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies found for many it is economic. They found 53% want the additional income, and 35% couldn’t otherwise afford retirement. But there are other reasons too. 47% say they work to stay active, 39% to keep their brains sharp, 34% working gives them a sense of purpose, and for 21% it is a way of maintaining social connections. The right job can be good for your health as well as your pocketbook 


But there are several aspects of working part-time you should consider. Working after retirement can complicate your financial situation such as putting yourself in a higher tax bracket than you were expectingIt’s important to consider how the additional income fits into your long-term financial plan. 


You may be thinking about working for yourself such as an in-home caregiver or house sitter – or turning your hobby into a small business selling your handmade crafts at bazaars or on the Internet. But beware. The administrative and operational tasks required to run a small business, such as taxes and workmen’s comp, may take more time — and require more money — than you expect. 


And that leads to the part-time slippery slopefinding yourself working more than just parttime. If you want to spend time with your grandchildren or travel occasionally, you should make sure there is an understanding of what is expected of you and your employer.   


The look of retirement has changed over the last halfcentury. Today many who reach retirement age want to keep working by finding a part-time “gig” for the personal satisfaction and additional income. Whether working part-time for an employer or yourself, being a “gigster” can be rewarding by keeping yourself engaged and connected while earning a few extra dollars – as long as it doesn’t become a “real” job!  


The name of the wealthy, short-statured cartoon character voiced by Jim Backus who gets into a series of comical situations because of his extreme near-sightedness is “You’ve done it again” Mr. Magoo. I received correct answers from Jeannie Pesicka, Susan Ellis, Steven Woolpert, John McEwin, Emmett Sampson, Bob Thouvenal, Tina Castanares, Norma Simpson, Catherine Whalen, Marilyn Wong, Shelly Baxter, Lana Tepfer, Kim Birge, Dave Lutgens, Margo Dameier, Gene Uczen, Julie Carter, Patty Burnet, Timothy Curry-Stevens, Mike Yarnell, and Alan Winas, this week’s winner of a quilt raffle ticket. And last week I missed Steven Woolpert. 


I was only eight, but I remember watching Your Hit Parade and hearing this 1956 numberone hit song recorded by Jim LoweFor this week’s “Remember When” question, Jim Lowe sings “Midnight, one more night without sleepingwatching till the morning comes creeping“, as he is determined to know the secret behind what? E-mail your answer to, call 541-296-4788 or send it with a 45 rpm record of “Love Me Tender” by Elvis Presley – the song Jim Lowe’s recording replaced as number one. 


Well, it has been another week watching for things that go bump in the nightUntil we meet again, as Joey Adams reminds us “Don’t worry about avoiding temptation – as you grow older, it starts avoiding you.” 


“I lost my job. I didn’t lose it – I know where it is – it’s just when I get there, someone else is doing it.” Bobcat Goldthwaite 


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