Aging Well in the Gorge March 2nd 2022

 Here’s the question for the week. What do communities need so, if we want, we can stay in our homes – a place familiar and secure? Safe neighborhoods? Accessible sidewalks? Places to connect with friends? Adequate public services? Maybe even fast and reliable Internet service?

For many, staying in their home means being able to continue getting from one place to another: to shop, to attend church, to see the doctor. Most of us still drive but one day we may decide to turn in our car keys or worse yet someone will tell us, and then what do we do to stay engaged and connected?

In the Gorge. the local public transportation providers are working together to help. Through the Gorge Translink Alliance, they have developed a seamless network of transportation services within the Gorge area while linking those services to Portland and Vancouver, Washington.

The alliance includes all five public transportation providers in the Gorge: Columbia Area Transit in Hood River County (541-386-4202); The Link in Wasco County (541-296-7595); Sherman County Community Transit (541-565-3553); Skamania County Public Transit (509-427-3990); and Mt. Adams Transportation Services in the Goldendale area (509-773-3060) or the White Salmon area (509-493-4662).

They provide both Dial-a-Ride services that pick you up at your home and take you wherever you need to go within their service area and sometimes between counties; and fixed-route services that run regularly on a set route and schedule.

To make your trips simpler and more affordable, you can now purchase a GOrge Pass for unlimited rides on all Gorge fixed routes including to Portland. The cost is $40 through December 31, 2022. If you have questions, you can call 833-3GO-PASS (833-346-7277), email (, or visit their website at

One of the greatest unmet needs has been medical rides to Portland to access medical services or visit loved ones who are receiving medical care. Responding to that need, CAT now offers on Tuesdays and Thursdays a first-come-first-serve reservation-only shuttle service from the Gorge to five medical facilities in the Portland Metro area for $20 each way. To learn more and whether this service will work for you, call CAT at 541-386-4202 or The Link at 541-296-7595. And sorry the fares are not covered by the GOrge Pass.

Through the Gorge public transportation providers, there are accessible and affordable options for older adults to get around in their communities and stay engaged and connected. For more information about these transportation options, call your local public transportation provider or visit Gorge Translink at– Your Gateway To Getting Around The Gorge!

You must take time to read this month’s “Through the Eyes of an Elder”: a beautiful and touching story by Daera Dobbs of life after the loss of her husband.

The name of the German Shepard and star of the television series that ran on ABC from 1954 through 1959 was Rin Tin Tin. I received correct answers from Steven Woolpert, Dave Hanson, Judy Hanson, Donna Mollett, Margo Dameier, Elaine Kirby, Rose Schulz, Barbara Cadwell, Linda Frizzell, Jess Birge, Lana Tepfer, Gene Uczen, Doug Nelson, Julie Carter, Joe and Terry Wiederhold, and the winner of a quilt raffle ticket is Dennis Morgan who watched The Adventures of Rin Tin Tinevery Saturday morning and still remembers the main characters: Lt. Rip Masters, Sgt. Biff O’Hara and Rusty stationed at Fort Apache. And I would have bet fifty cents (which is as much as I bet when it comes to my memory) that I included Steven Woolpert last week, but my mind played tricks again.

Reflecting the news of this last week, I have a geo-political question from the cold war. The invasion of Ukraine reminded me of when I was in the sixth grade and assigned to help a young boy learn English who was one of the 200,000 refugees who fled this eastern European country. For this “Remember When” question in 1956 what country did the USSR send troops to suppress the popular uprising against Soviet domination? Email your answer to, call 541-296-4788, or send with the November 1st,1956 Universal-International newsreel that reported on the situation.

Well, it’s been another week, trying to find my new rhythm. Until we meet again, enjoy the last weeks of spring.

“For the unlearned, old age is winter; for the learned, it is the season of the harvest.” Hasidic saying

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