Aging Well in The Gorge September 7th 2022

Ah, the body: the vehicle that used to attract young women with such ease, that could zig-zag through the backfield of the opposing team and catch passes with a single leap; and could stay up all night and still get to class in the morning – on time. Where, my friend, have you gone?

Now because of your wayward behavior, I have another part-time job: maintenance man. Unexpected trips to the hospital, doctors testing and poking me while losing any sense of modesty; often finding not an answer but several “it-could-be’s”; and then spending weeks worrying what the “could-be’s” could actually be! Body, you were once an asset and now it’s just “patch, patch, patch”.

But I haven’t given up on you – at least not yet. Even though you haven’t been kind, I will still do my part. I will keep moving, stay active, laugh with friends, and eat well. And then will you see the error of your ways? Or at least can we just be friends?

Okay, this comes under the category, “I just don’t understand”. If you text or email do you ever use those tiny symbols called emojis? Because I just don’t understand them! I mean I do understand the heart, the thumbs up and the smile which are the only ones I use but there are hundreds of emojis just of faces: partying face, winking face, thinking face, pleading face! And when do you use each one? I just must not have the emotional depth to make sense of all of them, and I just don’t want to get myself in trouble using the wrong emoji.

If you have the same difficulty and want to learn what an emoji means, I found the website Emojipedia that describes the meaning of each emoji. Then you can show your grandchildren you know what’s “in”!

Last week when I mentioned the important contribution of caregivers, Barbara Cadwell wrote reminding me that we should not forget the nurses who often work long hours under difficult situations. As with many occupations, there is a shortage of nurses but unlike most businesses, you can’t just reduce the hours you’re open. So, a belated Labor Day thank-you to all the nurses who make our lives better.

I had a great visit with my sister and brother. We visited the sites of Indianapolis including my first professional football game which was LOUD! I also learned some family secrets which my sister said I can’t share because by some wild chance you may know someone in the family – or more importantly know someone in law enforcement!

But I can share this riddle my brother told me. I didn’t know the answer but give it a try.

Brain Tease. How many seconds are there in a year? Hint: it’s not 31,536,000 seconds.

The thoroughbred racehorse that in 1973 won the Triple Crown while setting speed records in all three races was Secretariat. I received correct answers from Rhonda Spies, Doug Nelson, Barbara Cadwell, Lana Tepfer, Rebecca Abrams, and Diana Weston this week’s winner of a quilt raffle ticket.

And for the previous week’s question, those who remembered the Uncle Wiggly boardgame were Patty Burnet, who still had the game in her cupboard, Diane Lee, Barbara Cadwell, Rose Schulz, Donna Mollet, and Ang Harr that week’s winner of a quilt raffle ticket.

I’ve watched the 1951 film African Queen several times and I still get the shivers thinking of the scene where the character Charlie Allnut climbs out of the river covered with leeches uttering those memorable words, “One thing in the world I hate: leeches. Filthy little devils.” For this week’s “Remember When” question who were the two stars of this critically acclaimed film? Email your answer to, leave a message at 541-296-4788, or send it with the featurette “Embracing Chaos: Making the African Queen”.

Well, it has been another week, trying to remember what I wrote last week. Until we meet again, sometimes it is harder to realize the question than to find the answer.

“If I’m ninety and believe I’m forty-five, I’m headed for a very bad time trying to get out of the bathtub.” Ursula K. Le Guin, from her book No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters.

Posted by Scott McKay

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