Aging Well January 11th

It was twenty four years ago in January 1987 that the Center celebrated its grand opening – at a time when Dow Jones Industrial average finally closed above 2000; the Simpsons first appeared on television, Nintendo video games were introduced and Fox television started broadcasting with only 10 hours of prime time programming a week.

How times have changed. But the Center has also changed: providing more activities and classes, and working with the many community partners to fulfill the Center’s mission of “promoting healthy aging by sharing and caring”. But as I look back through the photos and news paper clippings saved from those early years, these changes are just building on the strong foundation laid by the determined “United Seniors” who made this Center possible.

And yet many of their dreams remain unfulfilled. It has been the goal of the building expansion campaign to complete their dream for the Center: an elevator to the basement, additional office space to rent, and adequate space for exercise classes. These goals will be realized in the revised plans for the building expansion.

But while everything changes, many things remains the same and the expansion project is facing many of the same challenges the “United Seniors” encountered. The expansion is taking longer than anticipated, funding is difficult to acquire and we have had to scale back the project. But that didn’t deter the folks twenty four years ago and I hope it won’t deter us today. In a year from now what better way to celebrate the Center’s twenty-fifth anniversary than to start the construction of the Center’s expansion project. It can happen.

Reducing your daily stress can improve your brain health as well as your physical and emotional health. To help you manage your stress, MCMC is offering two free classes at Water’s Edge. From the “Introduction to Mindless Meditation” you will learn the history of meditation, the medical benefits and simple relaxation techniques that can help quiet the mind and body. The class is on Wednesdays February 9th and 23rd from 7 – 8 pm. And in the “MIndfulness Breath” class offered on Wednesdays January 26 and February 2 from 7 – 8PM, you will learn “simple breathing techniques that can help lower blood pressure, improve immune function, ease insomnia, improve digestion and speed healing time”. To register for both of these free classes call 541-296-7319.

Tonight’s Tuesday night music will feature a staple of the local music scene: Truman and his Country Gold. His silky smooth voice will give you a chance to dance all your troubles away. And next Tuesday on the 18th, John Martin and Friends will be back again for your dancing and listening pleasure. The music starts at 7:00 PM and donations are always appreciated.

Do you want to exercise while walking along a beautiful trail with a companion who will listen and not interrupt, and will occasionally take a break so you can rest. Then drop in at Home-at-Last and walk one of their many dogs waiting to be placed in a caring home. But just don’t take my word for it, ask Karen Olson. You can call Home-at-Last for more information at 541-296-5189.

The Tuesday Lecture on the 18th starting at 11:00 will feature Jim Burris – a local Veteran’s advocate who has a “take no prisoners” passion for helping veterans receive the support they have earned and deserve. He will offer his uncensored and many times provocative views explaining the resources available to veterans and how to access them.

The bandleader who hosted forty eight consecutive radio and television broadcasts on New Year’s Eve was Guy Lombardo who with the Royal Canadians created the “sweetest sounds this side of heaven”. And the winner is Alex Currie and this time he outsmarted his son.

But this week’s “Remember When” question is for the younger generation and I imagine will stump most of you – although Al Wynn and I mentioned this TV show last month on the Coffeebreak. What American musical variety show aired on ABC from September 1964 to through January 1966? It featured such performers as the Righteous Brothers, Sonny and Cher, Rolling Stones, and Sam Cooke; and although its success was temporary, forced NBC to counter with its own “teen scene” show called Hullabaloo? E-mail your answer to, call 541-296-4788 or write it on the back of a ticket stub to the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium in New York City on August 15th 1965.

Well that’s another trip down memory lane wearing my favorite rose colored glasses. Until we meet again, keep your eye on the road, hands on the wheel and foot to the gas.

“I always find it more difficult to say the things I mean than the things I don’t.” W. Somerset Maugham

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