Aging Well January 18th

My perspective has changed over time. I shouldn’t be surprised. With sixty years plus of experience, I should see the world differently. But I was surprised at my reaction to a movie I saw this weekend – a movie I had not intended to watch. Apparently I had placed at the top of my Netflix queue, “Shine a Light” the Martin Scorsese’s documentary of the Rolling Stones’ 2008 concert in New Your City. And it arrived in my mailbox on Friday. I was in the mood for something different: a Katherine Hepburn comedy or a Humphrey Bogart mystery, something other than an “up close and personal” documentary of a live performance of these sixty-something aging rockers. And what was scary, it was in high definition.

But I was impressed. Mick Jagger, their lead singer, was bouncing, gyrating, and posing during the whole performance –from one end of the stage to the other – seldom slowing down. And even though Keith Richards’ body looked like a hot dog left in the rotisserie on high, waaaay too long, Mick Jagger’s face had the character and depth of years of performing and living – so much more interesting than the young baby face seen in the film clips from the beginning of his career in the 60’s.

This 2008 Rolling Stones concert with its energy, excitement and talent, reaffirmed my belief that the idea of “old” evolves over time and is ultimately just a state of mind. And I am beginning to understand what Barnard Baruch meant when he said “To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am.”

If you want to know what is happening at the Center in a little more detail and with a few more mistakes, I can email you the Center’s weekly newsletter which I try to kick out every Tuesday. Just send me your request to the Center’s email address at

But writing a Center Newsletter as well as this weekly column does create a challenge for this “Winnie the Pooh” brain of mine. I can’t remember if I wrote something for this column or the newsletter. It’s like having two girlfriends and not remembering which story you told to which girl. But with the chance of being redundant – which isn’t always a bad thing – the AARP Tax Aide program is starting up again on February 4th and will be available every Friday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM and every Saturday from 9:00 AM through 1:00 PM through April 9th. (Every year I seem to announce the wrong times, but this year I think I got it right.). It is first come – first serve and it gets pretty busy the first month. But if you can wait, the crowds slow down. And as a reminder, the tax help is for simple tax returns. If you have more complex tax situations, you should see one of the professional accountants in town.

It has been a while, but the Jazz Generations will be back performing their big band sounds on Tuesday the 25th for your listening and dancing pleasure. Hank and Ann have played all across the country and with Bob Fiske, they can still strut their stuff. And tonight John Martin and Friends are playing for those who enjoy their music with a country and western flair. The fur starts flying at 7:00 and everybody is welcome – warm or cold, young or old.

There are only eight openings left in the popular “Steps to Wellness” – a fifteen week class that starts Wednesday February 9th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Center. This class is for anyone who has diabetes or is overweight and “who would like help and support to eat better, exercise, manage their stress and live healthier” There is no cost for the class but there will be loads of fun, healthy food and prizes. It is provided by La Clinica, MCMC and the Next Door, Inc. This class is in English and a class in Spanish will be offered in August. For more information call Eli Bello at 541-296-4610 Ext 1004

The answer to last week’s “Remember When” question was “Shindig” – the “teen scene” musical variety show from 1964 – 1966. And the winner of a free breakfast (starting back up on the third Saturday in March) is none other than that groovy kind of guy- Bob Earls. But several folks mentioned “Where the Action Is” a Dick Clark production that was broadcast from ‘65 through ‘67 on ABC and was set in different locations in Southern California. So this week’s question is “What northwest band, whose lead singer was born in Eugene, Oregon, appeared regularly on ‘Where the Action Is’? This group also recorded the classic party hit “Louie, Louie” although their version was overshadowed by another northwest group “The Kingsmen”.

Enough of the rock and roll memories. I promise next week I’ll find something from the 50’s. Until we meet again, keep shaking those tail feathers – if you have any left.

“The truth is, I’m more interested in the roll than I am the rock.”– Keith Richards, guitarist for the Rolling Stones ( b.1943)

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