Aging Well July 10th

What do you think of when I mention the word “exercise”?

Do you agree with Phyllis Diller whose idea of exercise is a “good brisk sit”? Or Joey Adams who feels “If it weren’t for the fact that the TV set and the refrigerator are so far apart, some of us wouldn’t get any exercise at all”? Or do you consider exercise a dirty word and every time you hear it you “wash your mouth out with chocolate”?

But to improve your health, maintain your independence, and preserve your mental abilities, it has been shown, over and over, you should be physically activity – whether it is traditional “exercise” or whether it is yoga, gardening, dancing, walking or just trying to keep up with the grandkids.

Because of the known benefits of physical activity, The Alberta Centre for Active Living has been studying what it takes to get people moving. And they have identified four steps: deciding to be physically active; making a plan; setting goals and identifying what stops you from being physically active.

That’s a lot and you can find the details at But to keep it short and simple, here are a few of the most important points.

Decide why you want to be physically active. What is your motivation? More energy, to do more with friends and family, sleep better or feel stronger. (For many folks it is to lose weight, but even if you don’t lose weight, keep going, because the physical activity is most important.)

Make a physical activity plan that includes the 5 W’s: Why, What, Where, When and Who. It helps you get started, but most importantly, it can help you to keep going. And remember – the best kind of physical activity is the one you will do – and enjoy.

Set goals. And make sure they are achievable – not what you use to do when you were twenty-five. It may be just doing leg lifts in your chair or walking ten minutes every day. And rewarding – do you see the benefits from the activity and are they important to you? And accept a realistic timeline. Start with small steps; don’t look for dramatic change overnight.

Finally, consider possibly the most important question “What stops you from being physically active?”

There are always reasons, but there are usually ways to overcome them. If it is the weather – plan ahead; if it is boring – go with a group; if you are too tired – go early in the morning. And if you are self-conscious about how you look in that swim suit or walking shorts, you aren’t going to look any worse than the rest of us! Trust me.

So find a reason why, build a plan, set goals and overcome the challenges in the way. And then get moving, so you can make the best of the rest of your life.

At the Center, we are always trying different ways to get you out and about. Some work and others don’t, but you never know unless you “throw the spaghetti against the wall”. So under the category of “Let’s see what sticks”, Denise Patton, director of Meals-on-Wheels, is organizing a Pictionary Night on Wednesday July 18th from 6:00 – 8:00. This is open to anyone who just wants to have fun. And don’t worry, if you don’t know how to play – we will be glad to teach you.

The lads and lasses from Strawberry Mountain will be playing tonight for your dancing enjoyment. And next Tuesday, Truman will be singing the country gold from his two CDs. tI si a taerg yaw ot taeb eht taeh edistuo dna etaerc a elttil taeh deisni no eht ecnad roolf. ehT cisum strats ta 00:7, ydobyreve si emoclew, dna snoitanod era detseggus.

It was Danny Thomas who starred in the television sitcom “Make Room for Daddy”. (And the winner of a free Cowboy Breakfast on July 21st is Nadine McCracken.) Since last week’s “Remember When” question may have been too easy, this week I’m going back, back, back to the golden age of radio. Who was the comedian, singer, theatre and film star that played the role of the bratty toddler on the popular radio show “Baby Snooks Show”? Email your answer to the, call 541-296-4788 or write you answer on the back of the album soundtrack for “Funny Girl”.

Well, it has been another week, wishing for winter in the heat of summer. Until we meet again, be cool, keep cool, and whatever you do – don’t blow your cool.

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