Aging Well July 6th

How do you feel about family reunions? My wife and I recently spent five days in Bend with my brother and sister who flew out from back east. We had a good time: playing games, sightseeing, eating, and catching up on the present while sharing stories from the past. (I am always impressed how my younger sister can remember so many embarrassing stories about me which I have no recollection of. I guess you remember what is important.) But with being out of town for five days and having an early deadline for this column because of the holiday, I am a little rushed. And what do you do when you have so far to go and so little time? You punt!

So here is a short list of ten questions that was used during the Center’s Brain Fitness class to start your brain synapses firing. But they may be a challenge. Some of us are more literal or concrete thinkers (Does that make us blockheads? And does anyone know what that means anymore?), while others are better at lateral thinking – the ability to think creatively, solving problems by looking at them from unexpected perspectives. (You know – people who can’t see the obvious, spending their time coming up with great ideas, but never getting anything done.) But you will have to wait until next week for the answers. You see, this is also a test on how well you can deal with deferred gratification.

1. A graduate applying for pilot training with a major airline was asked what he would do if, after a long-haul flight to Sidney, he met the captain wearing a dress in the hotel bar. What would you do?
2. If you have two coins totaling 11cents, and one of the coins is not a penny, what are the two coins?
3. If you were alone in a deserted house at night, and there was an oil lamp, a candle and firewood and you only have one match, which would you light first?
4. What can you put into a wooden box that would make it lighter? The more of them you put in the lighter it becomes, yet the box stays empty.
5. To the nearest cubic inch, how much soil is there in a 3 inch x 2 inch x 2 inch hole?
6. If you drove a bus leaving The Dalles with 35 passengers, dropped off 6 and picked up 2 at Hood River, picked up 9 more at Cascade Locks, dropped off 3 at Troutdale, and then drove on to arrive in Portland 90 minutes later, what would the name of the driver be?
7. A window cleaner is cleaning the windows on the 25th floor of a skyscraper, when he slips and falls. He is not wearing a safety harness and nothing slows his fall, yet he suffered no injuries. Explain.
8. A farmer has 15 cows, all but 8 die. How many does he have left?
9. John’s mother has 3 children, one is named April, one is named May. What is the third one named?
10. A cowboy rode into town on Friday, spent one night there, and left on Friday. How do you account for this?

Don’t forget the basement rummage sale at the Center – Thursday through Saturday with the doors opening at 9:00. And on Saturday there is more: Meals-on-Wheels’ parking lot sale with hot dogs and cotton candy; and several folks selling their own items. Stop by and see if there is a bargain you can’t live without.

It’s still not snowing, and there are no hurricanes – at least in these parts – so Tuesday Night music is a go. On the 13th the sounds of the Notecrackers will be sashaying through the air for your dancing and listening pleasure. And tonight the Strawberry Mountain Band will be playing. The music starts at 7:00 and there is no charge although donations are appreciated.

The winner of last week’s “Remember When” question was Marcia Lacock who remembered Topo Gigio, the Italian puppet that often appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. This week’s question takes a different tack to lighten things up a bit. What do you call a penguin in the Sahara desert? If you know the punch line – or can use your lateral thinking skills and come up with a better one, call the Center at 541-296-4788 or email your answer to It’s your chance to win a free Saturday breakfast at the Center on July 17th.

Well the light has turned green- time to get this body moving. Until we meet again, one man’s piece of junk is another man’s treasure.

“Family life is a bit like a runny peach pie – not perfect but who’s complaining?” Robert Brault

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