Aging Well July 8th 2014

The weather is warmer, okay maybe a little too warm; you see folks of all ages out walking, and you’ve heard from your friends about different exercise classes. (And how many times have you been told physical activity is good for both your heart and brain!) And now, even though you were never that “athletic”, you’ve decided it’s not too late to begin some kind of physical activity. Where do you start?

You may be the type that can just go out and “Do It”, but for most people setting goals is one of most effective tools to get started and stay motivated. Here is a quick “two minute drill” version for setting goals.

The first step is to know what you want. Why is it you want to be physically active? To prevent falls? To walk through an airport without assistance? To be able to bounce your great grandchild on your knee?

Then decide what exercise goals will achieve what you want – something you can and want to do. Many of us have a condition that makes it difficult to keep moving: arthritis, respiratory problems or weight issues. But there is always some activity you can do. And talk to your medical provider for suggestions if you need help determining what will work for you.

Be specific – include the when’s, where’s and how’s. I will walk around the block every other morning at 7:00 for 30 minutes. Or I will spend the first 15 minutes of every day completing seven stretching exercises and practicing deep breathing techniques. 
By starting a regular exercise plan, you won’t get any younger, but you can increase your endurance, become stronger and more flexible; and generally feel better. You can find several more tips about staying active as well as a delicious and timely recipe for a Cherry Salad in your Passport to Happiness Calendar for the month of July.

I hope everyone had a good viewing spot for the spectacular The Dalles Fourth fireworks display. It was the first time in twenty plus years, I actually saw a staged fireworks display other than on television. And what a difference it makes. Watching from my front porch on east 7th street, there were several times my head instinctively move backward afraid the expanding embers of light were going to reach the front porch. With the fourth on a Saturday next year, I am hoping to stay up way past my bed time again for anther spectacular fireworks display.

If you are a member of the Center, (and it is still not too late to join) you should be receiving in the mail an invitation to the Center’s Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday July 15th. The meeting will start at 3:00 and conclude by 4:30 when there will be a free dinner of pulled pork sandwiches and all the fixin’s provided by Chris Zukin and the Center’s Board of Directors to show our appreciation to the Center’s many members and volunteers.
I’ve been reading more about the benefits of meditation, and on Wednesday, July 16, 2014, you can learn more about Mindfulness Meditation from 7:00-8:30 PM at Water’s Edge. In this class you will learn the history and benefits of meditation, plus several simple relaxation techniques you can use to incorporate in your daily routine. Register by calling 541-296-7319.

“For the Good Times” will be playing for your dancing and listening pleasure at the Center on Tuesday, July 15th. Doors open at 6:00 and music starts at 7:00. All ages are welcome and donations are appreciated.

It was Slammin’ Sam Snead who was considered the best golfer of the 1950’s and who in 1997, at age 85, shot a round of 78 at the Greenbrier golf course in West Virginia. (And the winner of a free Cowboy Breakfast on July 19th is Sandra Fritz.)

But this week’s “Remember When” question is about a hero in a 1960’s animated television series. Featured on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, who was the cheerful but also dim-witted, Canadian Mountie who was always trying to catch his nemesis Snidely Whiplash, with the help of his horse named “Horse”. E-mail your answer to, call 541-296-4788 or mail it with an original copy of this Canadian Mounties own “How to Do Right Book of Manners”.

Well, it’s been another week trying to be cool on another hot summer day. Until we meet again, don’t let the little things block you path to having an incredible day.

“This is a youth-oriented society, and the joke is on them because youth is a disease from which we all recover.” – Dorothy Fuldheim

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