Aging Well June 1st

There will be a time in your life, when you have that “ah-ha” moment. For Judy it was recalling an occasion, years back, when she looked out her window and saw an older man – much older than herself – shuffling along the sidewalk. He wasn’t dirty but wasn’t really clean either – and his pants and shirt didn’t match in color or pattern. She remembers her immediate reaction – a sense of sadness and pity.

Now, years later, when she again pictures that scene, it is her “ah – ha” moment – for she realizes, it didn’t really matter. How he dressed, how he looked, whether he shuffled or ran – it didn’t really matter. At this time in her life she understands what was once so important is no longer: how you move about, social position, appearance, clothes. And it was liberating – providing a new sense of freedom; creating opportunities to pursue her postponed callings and no longer bound by unnecessary social constraints. (Let me pause here to make clear – it is the type of clothes that aren’t important. I don’t want anyone walking down third street, buck naked, telling folks I said wearing clothes wasn’t important – although there are those summer days when you wish – no, I better not go there.)

This sense of freedom leads to a new awareness of what is important: a trueness to self and accepting who we are; meaningful connections with friends with all their gifts – and faults, and an appreciation of the banquet that lies before us. By learning, discovering these new understandings of life, these “ah-ha” moments, we can look forward with anticipation and hope, as each day we bravely step into the future.

Jan Leininger recently reminded me that the Wasco County Historical Society is at it again providing a wide variety of tasty summer offerings at the Rorick House (300 W 13th Street in The Dalles). You may have missed Eric Gleason last Sunday but this coming Saturday at 2:00 pm Bob Carsner will be discussing “ The History and Art to the Stained Glass Windows in The Dalles’ Churches”. Then on Sunday June 13th at 2:00 pm the Meyer Sisters, Brita, Brenna and little sis Luise will be performing on the Rorick Piano, followed by David Childs on Saturday June 19th at 2:00 discussing his WW II experiences and his recently published book “Wings and Tracks”. The series concludes with John Lundell presenting his recently published research “History of Schools Districts and School Houses, Wasco County, Oregon”.

Newly appointed The Dalles City Mayor, Jim Wilcox, will be the speaker for the Center’s June 8nd Tuesday lecture at 11:00. He will share his thoughts and perspectives on City Government and answer any of your questions – plus provide us with all the inside gossip about city council. (Is it true, the real reason Nikki Lesich resigned in April is because she was asked to impersonate the former mayor, Rob VanCleave, impersonating Elvis Presley at the Cherry Festival Lipsync Contest – and although she could take all the political heat – that was just had too much too handle?)

The four lucky folks who each won a notecard depicting the “Dalles City” Sternwheeler at Rooster Rock (given to the Center by Clarence Mershon) were Glena McCargar, Corliss Marsh, Joann Scott and Loretta Commander. And the answer? Samuel Lancaster, the engineer and landscape architect who was the primary designer of the Historic Columbia River Highway.”

And for this week’s “Remember When” question, its back to television – America’s living room during the 50’s and 60”s. Who was the creator and narrator of the television series “Twilight Zone” which often used science fiction to comment on social and political issues of that time? Email or call 541-296-4788.

That’s it again – time to pick back the rug and put away the dishes. Until we meet again, don’t just wait for the phone to ring. Pick it up and call somebody.

“If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl, but by all means keep moving.” Martin Luther King

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