Aging Well June 2

The financial plight of seniors has improved dramatically since 1967 when 30 % of seniors were living in poverty. With the passage of Medicare and Older American’s Act in 1965, the percentage has decreased to 11% by 2007. Even though that is a significant improvement we can all appreciate, many seniors are still not economically secure. Today the elderly represents the largest group that could be described as near-poor (between 100% and 150% of the poverty level) and they contribute the largest percentage of their income to health care costs. With the support of Visiting Health Services and Hospice of the Gorge, the Center is helping to address both of these challenges by offering common used home medical equipment for a short period or indefinitely all for free although we gladly accept donations. The available equipment includes bath seats, transfer benches, bedside commodes, toilet seat risers as well as wheelchairs, walkers and canes. The Loan Closet is open during the Center’s normal working hours between 9 and 4, Monday through Friday.

For the next two Tuesdays at 11:00 you will get a chance to ask those in the know of two of our local governments that common question, “What in the heck were you thinking?” On Tuesday June 9th, Dan Ericksen the Wasco County Judge will be discussing the challenges and opportunities facing county government from taxes to home rule and everything in between. And on the 16th, the city will be on the griddle with Nolan Young City Manger answering your questions concerning city priorities, annexations and whether The Dalles residents can learn to drive in a circle. Share your thoughts while learning more about how your county and city governments work.

Tonight the Center is welcoming John and Debbie Martin and Friends playing Country Western music. Then we will return to the “tried and true” with Truman Boler on the 9th followed by the Sugar Daddies on the 16th. Check out why both Truman and the Sugar Daddies have such loyal followings. On the 23rd the Jazz Generations will offer a change of pace, playing the Big Band sounds. And on the special fifth Tuesday of the month the Center will be welcoming back the always popular Dufur Boys from Dufur. And to add the cherry on top of June, the Jammers will be playing on the fourth Sunday from 2:00 – 5:00. Make sure you get this all down so you won’t miss any of the fine entertainment. Music and dancing starts at 7:00 and don’t forget: AFBDGA (Admission’s Free But Donations Gladly Accepted).

Sometimes when your kids come back home there are situations when you ask, “Did I do something wrong? Was I a poor father?” Those questions came to me last week when my 25 year old son, stuck in Hood River, called to ask, “How do you jump the car battery?” I have to admit he has been very frugal (being Scottish we prefer frugal instead of cheap) and for the last six years has survived without a car using public transportation, Zipcars and friends. But still, how did I fail in instructing him in this rudimentary aspect of every young man’s life? After I gave him instructions over the phone, he successfully started the car. And later that night he shared his appreciation by telling me, “That’s why we keep the older generation around, because they know things.” You’re darn right. And more than you think.

Quick reminder: The Foster Grandparent Informational Meeting will be held at the Center, this Wednesday the 3rd at 11:00. Learn more about how you can make a difference. And for more information you can check my blog at

That’s it. How time flies. Until we meet again, as my father always said, “Tomorrow is another day!”

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