Aging Well June 22

We all pass through different stages in our lives – for young children, psychologists have identified “ages and stages” – from first steps, through the “terrible twos” to becoming mommies little helper. But as we age we don’t need experts to explain our life stages – through life experience we discover them ourselves. For Jeri she saw her adult life in three stages – three stages many of us will recognize. And she was excited knowing it was time to begin the third stage.

She realized her first stage were the years she did what she had to do; during the second, she focused on what she thought she should do; and the third stage, which she was about to begin – doing what she wanted to do – a time when you give yourself permission to follow your soul and your passion without guilt or regret. (Unfortunately there is the seldom discussed fourth stage: doing what you are told to do – by your kids, by your care giver (who you are paying!), or the police, “Sir you just can’t drive your scooter down the middle of the street!”.) There are different times in all of our lives when we should follow our head, our heart and our passions – just don’t ignore that third stage.

There’s not an announcement for the Center’s Tuesday Lecture this week because it will be taking a break for the summer. This popular series – concluding its third year – was born from John Hutchinson’s idea of a monthly presentation called Community Matters (and I still like that title) bred with Hal Sessions’ desire to provide relevant health and civic information for older adults. The Center appreciates all the presenters who have made the lecture series such a success – particularly Joyce Powell Morin who schedules every month a speaker from MCMC. And if you have any lecture ideas, call the Center. Some of our best lectures have been suggested by folks like you.

Next Tuesday night the Center has scheduled a new act, “Martin and Friends”, who will be performing for your listening and dancing enjoyment. I don’t know any details, but Doc always comes up with musical groups that will satisfy your Tuesday night dancing fever. And tonight Hank & Ann Krum, Bob Fiske & David Fretz of the Jazz Generations will be playing your favorite Big Band sounds. Bring your dancing partner and enjoy an evening of heavenly pleasure. The horns start blowing at 7:00 and it is all free, although donations are appreciated.

Summer is yard sale season and it is time for the Center to jump on that stage coach before it leaves town. I have set the date twice, but like a child at the candy store, I kept changing my mind. But the final date has been set for the Center’s “rummage, basement and parking lot” sale now scheduled for Thursday July 8th from 9:00 to 6:00 pm (for those who have the “yard sale” urge after work), Friday from 9:00 – 2:00 and Saturday from 9:00 – 4:00. And on Saturday Meals-on-Wheels will add their own rummage sale including selling hot dogs and cotton candy. There will also be spaces available for other venders for only $15 a space. And we are accepting donations of your unwanted items if you are in the mood to de-clutter your life. For more information call 541-296-4788.

One of the fine folks at the Area Agency on Aging is retiring: my friend, Medicare maven and Coffebreak companion, Jean Hockman. Although she is retiring she will not be leaving and wants everyone to know this fall she will be volunteering at the Center to help with Medicare’s Open Enrollment. In the meantime she is taking a break and finding out if “the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain”.

And speaking of Coffee, this Thursday the 24th Al Wynn will be celebrating Coffeebreak’s 8000th show. Every morning at 10:00 – direct from Cousin’s restaurant – Al hosts a community forum of live unrehearsed discussions with civic leaders, elected officials and practically every organization in town. I have always enjoyed the friendly give and take with Al – sharing information about the Center and the opportunities for older adults in the community. I wish him the best and another 8000 shows?

Yes, it was Abbott and Costello who performed the wild and crazy “Who’s on First”. And of the ten entries, Don McAllister is the winner of a free Saturday breakfast on July 17th during Ft. Dalles Rodeo weekend. The “Remember When” question for this week goes back before Star Search and American Idol – when there was a TV show which featured amateur talent and the audience was asked to vote by sending in postcards or calling JUdson 6-7000. Who was the TV host of this television talent show that ran from 1948 – 1970?

Well that’s it time to pull another weed. Until we meet again don’t let the sun catch you frowning.

“Things ain’t what they used to be and never were.” Will Rogers

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