Aging Well March 16

If only I was a cow. I wouldn’t have to endure this biannual tradition of adjusting my inner timepiece – which always takes me a few days even though it is only one hour. Cows don’t have to adjust their watches so they can “spring forward” in March and then “fall back” in November to insure all the planets are aligned. So here I am at my desk– still yawning, after having dragged my body out of bed, grasping for the covers screaming “one more hour!” Well I guess all I can say is “Moooo?”

Like your favorite lost pet that has finally returned home, the Center’s Third Saturday Breakfast is back this coming Saturday between 8:00 – 9:30. You can enjoy some tasty biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, fruit and your favorite beverages. The breakfast is sponsored by Mel Thompson’s family in his memory. Mel’s wife Dee regularly attends the lunch time meal provided by Meals-on-Wheels and is also a Monday night Wii bowler at the Center. So come and join Dee for a fine breakfast with good friends – because as Jack always said, “Breakfast tastes better when someone else cooks it.” The cost is $5.00 and for Center members it is only $4.00.

Tuesday night music at the Center may be a kick in the pants but no one steps on the blue suede shoes. Next Tuesday playing the beats from the past will be the Jazz Generations and their favorite big band sounds. And tonight the Sugar Daddies will be playing for your dancing and listening pleasure. You won’t have to smash your piggy bank to get in – it’s free, but to keep the musicians off the street corners we do gladly accept donations.

Next up on the Center’s Tuesday lecture card on the 30th at 11:00 is Jerry Tanquist, a popular local historian, presenting his latest slide show and commentary on the “Restoration of the Harris Canyon Water Tower” and the “Harry Carleton Story”. Jerry always seems to find those personal stories and anecdotes that make our local history so fascinating.

Folks must be doing their spring cleaning early because once again the Center’s Nu-2-U shop has received some nice donated clothes. And since we really don’t have the room to store them and we don’t have much room to display them, we need to move them. So Betty and Martha have decided to have another half price sale. But this time it won’t be just for a day, or three days but for practically two weeks from Wednesday March 17th to Friday the 26th. The Nu-2-U shop is open from 10:00 – 1:30 Monday through Friday.

Saturday’s Prescription Drug Collection was a tremendous success. Organized by YouthThink with help from The Dalles City Police and several local pharmacists, over seventy-five folks turned in their unused prescription drugs totaling almost one thousand containers. A big thank-you goes to all of these folks for making our community a healthier and safer place to live.

The answer to last week’s “Remember When” question was Edward R. Murrow: the American broadcast journalist who from 1953 – 1959 hosted the popular television show “Person to Person”. Sandi Goforth’s name was randomly selected from the 10 correct answers submitted and wins a free Saturday breakfast.

This week’s question is “What breakfast cereal in the 1930’s started depicting athletes on their packaging (including Bob Richards as the first athlete on the front cover in 1958) and is known as the ‘Breakfast of Champions’”? You can call 541-296-4788 or email

And finally, you may want to stop by the “Citizens for the Gorge Discovery Center” Annual Meeting, on Wednesday the 17th at 5 pm for their annual social hour, business meeting, and tribute to Bill Hulse. I had the pleasure of working with Bill when he was Wasco County Judge and he is at the top of my list for people I admire most. He is definitely a class act. For more information call 541-296-8600 x 215.

Well that is another oar in the water – I just hope I am going in the right direction. But if you’re ever confused take solace in this perspective from Edward R. Murrow, “Anyone who isn’t confused really doesn’t understand the situation”.

“For myself, I am an optimist. It does not seem to be much use being anything else.” Sir Winston Churchill

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