Aging Well March 31 2009

The way we communicate has evolved: written notes and letters, telephone and telegraph and now with the advent of personal computers and the Internet, email. Electronic communication will continue to grow even as worldwide email traffic has surpassed 175 billion messages per day. And it is not just the younger generations using this technology. More older adults are learning to ride this wave: communicating with friends and family through e-mail and social network sites such as Facebook. (In the last year the number of folks 55 and over who have created a Facebook account has tripled.)

At the Aging in America conference, it was reinforced that senior centers need to adapt and stay current with these changes. And we are trying. There are three ways you can now receive information from the Center electronically. Email me at and I will send you the Center’s weekly newsletter; go online to the Center’s web site at; or check my blog at which includes all of my past columns, a Community Calendar for Active Adults plus a link to the Sharp Brains website.

But as the Center works to communicate in new ways, the landscape is already changing. Kids are using their cell phones (which are as much a social necessity as acne cream and flip-flops) to conveniently text messages to their friends. And I don’t understand Twitter! Why do I need to bother my friends with short updates of my daily thoughts or activities? I am walking down the hall. I am feeling hungry. I am opening the refrigerator. I don’t think so.

So if you find me twittering “tweets” from the Center ten years from now, just take me out to the back forty and shoot me. Wait, I take that back. Ten years ago I never would have imagined wanting to do half of the wild and crazy techno advances that are possible today.

Join award winning and bestselling author Jane Kirkpatrick Saturday morning from 10:00 – 12:00 at the Center for a slide presentation and signing of her latest book, “Aurora, an American Experience in Quilt, Community and Craft”. Coffee and juice and “Brunchies” will be served and copies of Aurora as well as other titles by Ms. Kirkpatrick will be available for sale. The Center is proud to host this event brought to you by Klindts Bookstore and Stationers your local portal to the world of literature.

It is spring; time of the year to get the body moving outdoors without the fear of snow or wildfires. On Monday April 6th, Skip Tschanz, outdoor “wunderkind” will be the guide for this month’s hike to view and savor this year’s wildflowers: nature’s kaleidoscope of new born colors. The destination will be either Catherine Creek or Tom McCall Point depending on the flowers. Both hikes are pretty easy unless you use a walker. Meet at the Senior Center at 1:00 pm to car pool to the chosen site.

Tonight Penny and Small Change with the Olde Tymers will be performing for the Center’s Sadie Hawkins Dance. You may not have time to squeeze into your Daisy Mae or Lil Abner outfit, but head down to the Center anyway. There will be light food and drinks as well as great company. And a big thanks to our sponsors Heart of Gold Caregivers and Mill Creek Point for making the dance possible.

Performing next week will be the Cherry Park Group (formally known as Harold and Friends) who draw some of our largest crowds. Every Tuesday night the music and dancing starts at 7:00 and the cost is free but donations are appreciated. And everybody is welcome: whether you are young, old, ageless or just plain tired. Come on down and recharge your batteries with good dancing and fine music.

That is it again. Another day, another dollar. Until we meet again, take care and stay in touch.

“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” Abraham Lincoln

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