Aging Well March 3rd

Technology is advancing rapidly and whether we can keep our souls – and our minds – during these times of rapid change will be the question. But there is no question how technology, particularly the Internet, is affecting our lives. Changes in our ability to connect with others: video conferencing, social networks and now tweeter. New words in our vocabulary: texting, e-mail, virtual clouds and google is now a verb. And the technological tools we now use seem so much more complex and difficult – at the Center we often hear the plea “Just give me a cell phone that only makes calls!” (When I visited Scotland three years ago, they were paying the parking meters with their cell phones.) And what was once seen as a novelty will soon become indispensable.

It is dizzying and certainly frustrating. But one specific advantage I have enjoyed is the ability to access vintage TV shows such as Rockford files, Alfred Hitchcock and Bob Newhart for free over the Internet and watch them on my computer or TV. If that sounds intriguing, learn more at the Center’s next One-hour Seminar on the Uses of the Internet at 1:00 on Monday the 9th in the Center’s basement computer lab. This is the second part of an ongoing series on various ways to take advantage of the Internet before it drives you nuts.

The Center is providing more opportunities to explore, connect and contribute but nothing comes free. If you go around the state, particularly west of the Cascades, you will find most senior centers are supported by their city or parks and recreation district. And although the City of The Dalles and the Northern Wasco County Parks and Rec are supportive, they don’t have the resources for ongoing financial support. So the Center works hard to keep operational expenses low relying heavily on volunteers – the equivalent of two and a half full time employees. One of the Center’s primary sources of revenue are memberships; still only $25 which has been the same for as long as I can remember. (No comments about how short that could be.) The Center is now in the middle of its membership drive and the goal this year is 200 new members and 300 renewed members. (Last year the Center increased its membership to 378 just short of its goal of 400 members.) If you are 105 or 25, a user or just a supporter, a new member or a member since ’87 we hope you will join the Center’s efforts to promote healthy aging in the community by sharing and caring. You can stop by or mail a check to MCSC at 1112 W. 9th the Dalles, Ore 97058.

Quick reminders: Truman Boler the always popular one-man band will be playing at the Center tonight instead of next Tuesday as originally scheduled. Jerry Tanquist will be sharing stories about the Deschutes River Railroad Races next Tuesday at 11:00 am as part of the Next Chapter Lecture Series, and this weekend is your last chance to see The Odd couple – and the very odd fellow Dennis Morgan – on the 4th, 5th, and 6th 7:30 at CGCC.

And don’t forget, this coming Sunday – the second Sunday in March – it is time to spring your clocks forward to Daylight Savings Time. You can always find the folks who missed this memo waiting in the church parking lots Sunday morning wondering why everyone else is late

Well it is a new month and a new day. Until we meet again, stay current and connected.

The Internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years. ~Rupert Murdoch
The Internet is just a telephone system that’s gotten uppity. ~Clifford Stoll

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