Aging Well March 6th

Have you gone to the playground with your grandchild who is wearing a new pair of athletic shoes? And he really wants to impress you with his speed and quickness? It is fun watching him zip around his imaginary track, but as I age, I find speed to be greatly overrated! And slowing down can be a good thing.

When you slow down, you realize what was once important: winning, status and amassing things is now overshadowed by relationships, laughing and an appreciation of the small gifts we receive daily.

And for me, part of that is living in a small town. Last month Ann Marie Woolsey shared with me some of those small things she appreciates about living in The Dalles, and suggested I ask folks what they like about the town they live in. So what do you think? Do I have any takers? Send me what you appreciate about your town and I will share them in this column later next month.

Have you wanted to know more about Medicare, both for your own benefit, but also to help others? Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA), a volunteer supported program, is offering a day and a half training starting on Monday March 12th from 1:00 – 5:00 for anyone who would like to know more about Medicare or become a SHIBA volunteer. You will learn about Part A, Part B and Part D as well as Medicaid, Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans. The training will be held at the Area Agency on Aging which is located in the MCCOG building on the corner of 11th and Kelly. For more information and to register call the Area Agency on Aging at 541-298-4101.

You may be one of the millions who own an iPhone or iPad. (Or you may be one of the hundreds of millions who can’t figure what all the fuss is about and really don’t care.) But if you have one of the “i” devices and would like to learn more, there is a group meeting every first Wednesday at 1:00 at the Center discussing the latest and greatest in the world of Apple mobile computing. But I caution you, it is not without risks. Before going to sleep at night, you may find yourself playing “Words with Friends” on your iPad instead of gently kissing your wife good night. (Not suggesting that is anything I would do!)

You may have been around when the Wasco Area Educational Service District was first conceived in 1977,went through adolescence as the more familiar Treaty Oak before reaching adulthood as Columbia Gorge Community College. It has been quite a ride from 1977 to now when CGCC serves 5,800 students through its many programs – from professional technical training to basic skills education. It took a lot of hard work and a supportive community to make it happen. For the Center’s Tuesday lecture on the 13th at 11:00, Stephanie Dawkins from CGCC will explain the college’s vital role in our community and how you can help the college “build dreams and transform lives” through the CGCC Foundation.

Tonight at the Center, the Strawberry Mountain Band starts off the regular monthly rotation of musicians, and then followed by Martin and Friends on Tuesday the 13th. Doors open at 6:00, the music starts at 7:00 and you can drive your sweetheart home by 9:00. Everyone is welcome and donations are always appreciated.

Everyone remembered Jiminy Cricket who was Pinocchio’s official conscience. (And selected by a random drawing, the winner of a Saturday Breakfast on March 17th is Sandy Goforth.) But I am going to have to elevate my game a notch, because I’ve taken more flack than Snoopy received from the Red Barron about how easy the “Remember When” questions are. (But they do bring back nice memories.) So Mike Tenney and Ben Neumeyer this is for you! Who was the child actor that played teenager Jeff Stone on the Donna Reed Show and had a minor recording career with the top ten hit “My Dad”? Email your answer to the, call 541-296-4788 or mail it to the Center with an autographed copy of “Walt, Mickey and Me: Confessions of the First Ex-Mouseketeer”.

Well, it has been another week waiting for the ants to start using the kitchen counter top as their personal playground. Until we meet again, don’t let the small stuff get the idea they are all too important.
“It’s surprising how far you can go through life without ever having what you really need.”
Ashleigh Brilliant

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