Aging Well Novembe 3rd

The Center is not just a Senior Center but an asset for the whole community; a resource for all ages, which was demonstrated this last weekend.

Friday night the Center was filled with ghoulish costumes, scary snacks and Marco the DJ providing the musical entertainment for the ARC’s “Monster Ball”. Saturday afternoon there was a first birthday celebration in the basement with decorations, cake and gifts while upstairs that evening we celebrated Halloween playing America’s favorite pastime – no, not baseball – but bingo. And to finish the weekend off with a flourish, Sunday night the Center hosted the last stop of the Fellowship of Churches’ Progressive Dinner with tasty desserts from the Congregational Church and music provided by the Olde Tymers fine duo of Mike Tenney and John Schulz.

And that was not an unusual weekend. The Center is used for graduation parties, memorials, church services, dances, and coronations, as well as meetings for the Good Sam Club, Union Pacific Railroad retirees, Community Action Board, ARC Board, Teamsters, and Boy Scout Troop #395.

But you may still feel. “I’m not old enough. I’m only 70!” But the Center’s activities and programs are open to the whole community with no age restriction except how comfortable you feel hanging around with us “old folks”. The center is where everyone in the community can explore, connect and contribute, because it is the Center’s mission is to “promote healthy aging by sharing and caring” and I don’t know a man, woman or child who isn’t getting older. And that’s life.

Meals-on-Wheels will be closed on Monday November 9th but will be open on the 11th for Veteran’s Day. That allows Meals-on-Wheels to honor all of our veterans during Wednesday’s noon dinner while also giving their dedicated staff a day off on Monday.

Everyone knows Pat Lucas is a big supporter of the Veterans but not everyone may know I owe her big time and will always owe her big time. So hoping Pat is reading this and hoping to work off some of my debt, I want to encourage everyone to participate in this year’s Veteran’s Parade on Wednesday the 11th. You can join the parade (line up begins at 11:00 at the armory; parade starts at noon) or you can show your support along the parade route. And after the parade you can enjoy food and fellowship at the Community Potluck Lunch at the armory. For more information, call 298-5692 or 298-3377.

Jerry Tanquist will be the speaker for the Center’s Next Chapter Lecture on Tuesday November 10 at 11:00. He is our local railroad raconteur sharing the fascinating history and stories of the railroads in the Mid-Columbia. This time he will share pictures and stories of the railroads in the counties surrounding Wasco County.

And tonight don’t let the darkness deter you. Come out and enjoy the rhythm of the night with Truman Boler’s Country Gold starting at 7:00 pm. And next Tuesday the all-stars that form the Cherry Park Band will be playing for your listening and dancing pleasure. Everyone is welcome and the admission is free but donations are kindly accepted.

It seems like I stumped everyone except Joanne Scott and Bob Thouvenel with last week’s “Remember When” question. The wild (at least for their times), screaming teenage girls that followed Frank Sinatra were called “Bobby Soxers” because of the rolled down socks they wore with their poodle skirts.

But I know you can do better, so let’s try Frank Sinatra one more time. Who was the first bandleader to hire Frank Sinatra for a one year contract of $75 a week and with whom Frank Sinatra released his first commercial record? Leave a voice message at 296-4788 or email your answer to

Well, another week has bit the dust. Until we meet again, keep your nose clean and your hands dirty, because as the old farmer from Fossil once said “Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.”

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