Aging Well September 13th

Did you ever consider that by hiring an in-home caregiver you become an employer with all the corresponding responsibilities? It does make sense. But when I hired a caregiver to stay with my mom while my wife and I worked, I never really thought about it. And you may not have either. But I have since learned if you pay a caregiver more than $1000 in a calendar quarter, you are a domestic employer and must register with the Oregon Employment Department, pay unemployment taxes, and file an annual or quarterly tax report. That sounds pretty daunting. But at the Center’s 11:00 Tuesday Lecture on the 20th, Isabel Allen from the Oregon Employment Department will help explain what you need to do to hire the caregiver you need.

Mark your calendars! On Friday October 7th Meals-on-Wheels and the Center are bringing back the Baby Back Rib dinner – with dinner served from 5:00 – 7:30 PM and the Hardshell Harmony playing bluegrass starting at 6:30. The dinner of baby back ribs, cole slaw, corn on the cob, bread, dessert and a beverage plus your own bib (if you are the messy type) will only set you back $12 for adults and $5 for children under 12. You can purchase your tickets in advance at the Center – which we prefer – but if you are the spontaneous seat-of-your-pants type you can buy them at the door. The board members of both Meals-on-Wheels and the Center have dug into their pockets to purchase all the food for the dinner, so every dollar raised will go directly to the two programs.

If you ever had a loved one with Alzheimer’s or have known someone with the disease, the Oregon Alzheimer’s Association would like you to complete a short survey. Your thoughts and opinions from the survey will be used to help craft a state plan for addressing Alzheimer’s Disease in Oregon. To complete the survey, go to and scroll down the page under “Programs and Events” and click on “Take our Survey”. But you have to reply by September 15th.

This coming Saturday, the 17th, from 8:00 – 9:30 AM it is again breakfast time at the Center. This “Back to School” breakfast sponsored by The Dalles High School Class of ‘63 will include your choice of three kinds of hotcakes: blueberry, buckwheat, or plain, sausage or bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit and your choice of beverage. It will be a definite yum-fest. But be aware! Considering the reputation of the class of ’63, there may be dancing on the tables and food fights in the halls. The cost is only $5.00 and a dollar less for Center members.

And yes Virginia, there was someone who did attend the Beatles Portland concert in August of ‘65! And that lucky girl was Shirley Bailey who even emailed me pictures of her $6.00 matinee tickets. Pretty cool! And Shirley, if you promise to share some of your memories of that day, you have a free breakfast waiting for you this Saturday at the Center.

If you get your Chronicle early you may still have time to hoof it down to the Center and dance to the sounds of Martin and Friends starting at 7:00. And next Tuesday on the 20th, Truman will be playing his country gold (and Truman are the rumors true –you have recorded a CD of country favorites?) Everyone is welcome and donations are appreciated.

It was Gasoline Alley the comic strip which introduced Skeezix – found as a baby abandoned on Walt Wallet’s doorstep and now a grandfather in his 80’s. But this week, I’m doubling your pleasure with two “Remember Whens” from the spring of 1963 when TDHS seniors were cutting class and cramming for finals while trying to surprise their parents by actually graduating from high school. 1) What was the name of the first James Bond movie that was just released? And 2) What was the name of Lesley Gore’s #1 hit. The third person to correctly answer both questions will receive not one but two free breakfasts. Email your answers to the, call 541-296-4788 or drop them off with a six pack of Coca Cola’s first diet drink: Tab.

Well it’s been another week dazed and confused trying to figure out what “it” is. Until we meet again, stay strong, stay calm and stay in touch.

“How often we choose the safe path only to discover that it was not one of the choices.” Robert Brault

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