Distinguished Citizen’s Volunteer of the Year: Scott McKay!

Webster’s Dictionary defines a volunteer as follows:
Noun: a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.
Verb: freely offer to do something.
That word ‘freely’ means they do not expect ANYTHING in return. There is no agenda to accomplish, nor expectation of reciprocity, because they volunteered to do something. It means they freely give of their time, energy, love, and themselves. This year’s recipient embodies all that and so much more. They inspire people to engage, perform their best and serve from the heart. They have mentored many and supported anyone whose life or work journey has crossed their path.
They took their passion for a sport and became a coach who is remembered above all other coaches, who have been endorsed and requested by our youth, and who shines from the inside out when they get to work with young people. They not only teach the skill of the sport, but they encourage self-growth, and confidence, and challenge them with positivity to improve. They love this coach and all that they did for them. Some of the students come back and visit to say Thank You and maybe remind them that they have aged a little.
This volunteer has even served in a public seat to help and support our county and just when many of us would have been happy to retire with all that behind us this person decided that still wasn’t enough. Remember that FREELY giving of yourself? They went on to take care of a treasured and specific demographic in our community. He made sure they had support, education, fun activities, self-care, and so much more. He wanted to make sure that this part of our community knew they had a resource for help and most importantly a place they felt that they belonged.
They were instrumental in designing new programs to fit their needs better and providing FUN, a place of social belonging, and perhaps even some BINGO. They have dedicated the last 30 years to a noble task, and we know they are not yet done serving this community with their unique talents, impactful leadership, and enduring efforts to provide a better world for our aging community. I have always said we have the most rocking and awesome Senior Center in the state!
I am so honored to present this award to this individual who has taught me so much these past few years and inexplicably NEVER seems to run out of energy. I want to say from my heart – THANK YOU to our 2022 Outstanding Volunteer of the year … Scott McKay

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