Living Well December 6th 2011

This month the Center is kicking off its 2012 Membership Campaign. And I am inviting all of you who have never been a member to cross the threshold and join. And this time I don’t want to hear you have an aversion to getting older (I hate to spill the beans, but you are!), or are too busy to add one more activity (join the crowd!) or are just a long time procrastinator. Whether you use the Center once a month, twice a week or every day – or if you just read this column, become a member and join an extended family of three hundred engaging, inspiring and adventuress souls (sometimes it is just an adventure getting out of bed). Membership is $35 for an individual or $60 per couple. And for the very first time, we are offering you the opportunity to become a Super-Duper member for $50 or $90 per couple. But you ask, “What special benefits do Super-Duper members receive?” Well, all I can say is the Super-Duper benefits are so Super-Duper secret we cannot even tell the Super-Duper members what they are! You will have to wait and see. Thanks to Patti Blagg for being the first Super-Duper member.

I just received this notice from Joyce Powell Morin about a local group for Women Widows of Veterans. All interested women are encouraged to attend an initial Veteran’s Widow Support Group meeting on Tuesday, December 13th at 11am at the Veterans Service Office at 201 Federal Street in The Dalles. Several of the topics that will be discussed include Your Entitled Benefits, Grief Support and Moving Forward after a Loss. If you have any questions, please call support group facilitators and members of “Keep the Home Fires Burning,” Barbara Thomas (541-467-2651) or Joyce Powell Morin (541-296-7266.)

You have only until December 17th to buy that winning raffle ticket for the beautiful hand stitched quilt hanging in the Center’s lobby. You can buy ten chances for $5.00 or one for a dollar. And think of it this way. Instead of buying your friends a fruit cake, buy them a raffle ticket. There is a greater chance they will win the quilt than anyone of them eating the fruit cake. You can purchase raffle tickets at the Center’s front desk or at the December 17th Saturday Breakfast.

If you are interested in the ins-and-out and the reasons why of county planning, the Center’s Tuesday Lecture on December 13th will feature John Roberts, the Wasco County planning director, who will try to demystify the planning process for you. It starts at 11:00 and afterwards you can enjoy dinner prepared by the Meals-on-Wheels crew.

When it’s too tough to make a decision, what do you do? In the grand political tradition, you pass the buck! Well at least that is what we do at the Center every winter. When the snow falls or the freezing rain sticks, instead of deciding whether to open or close the Center, we rely on the good folks at School District 21. So as your annual reminder – if D-21 closes school all the activities at the Center are cancelled, and if there is a two hour delay only the morning classes are cancelled. And even if there are no activities, we will still try to have someone at the Center to answer the phone and offer assistance.

Tonight the Sugar Daddies are back at the Center playing adult contemporary hits and a few of their own originals. And next week the Strawberry Mountain Band will set a match to the dance floor playing the well known as well as the hidden gems of country. Donations are appreciated, everyone is welcome and the music starts at 7:00.

It wasn’t hard for Al Wynn or Elt Fadness (this week’s winner of five quilt raffle tickets) to remember Les Cunningham the owner and DJ of the first FM radio station in eastern Oregon – and who I am told followed the beat of his own drums. But for this week’s “Remember When” question you may need to scan your library or rummage through your attic once again. The Lebanese American artist, writer and poet Kahlil Gabran wrote in 1923 a book of twenty-six poetic essays that was popular in the 1960’s. What was the name of the book? Email your answer to the, call 541-296-4788 or drop your answer off with a bottle of Patchouli oil.

Well, it’s been another week keeping hope alive in a dense forest of cynicism. Until we meet again, keep your light on and the noise out.

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