Senior Living July 1st

Rumors can be the scourge of any organization or business. We appreciate the positive word of mouth but when it becomes negative and unsubstantiated, rumors can be destructive and hurtful. Vi Grant, a classic teacher of the old school who taught at Petersburg, dealt with rumors in her classroom by telling her student’s parents if they would only believe half of what their children said happened at school, she would only believe half of what they said happened at home.

I started thinking about rumors when a senior center member misunderstood the latest plans for the building expansion. Because the rooms on the plans were not clearly identified, she did not see a kitchen and concluded that Meals-on-Wheels was going to be moved out of the senior center. Considering the past history, I did not want that rumor to start. I called her back, had a nice conversation and clarified that Meals-on-Wheels was definitely included in the future plans for the Senior Center and in fact because what we were planning enhanced their valuable program, Meals-on-Wheels totally supported the expansion.

So for whatever reason rumors travel, misunderstanding, false assumptions, faulty memory (my excuse) or a need for something exciting to share, if you hear something that doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t appear to have any factual support, go to the source. Ask someone who should know. I am always willing to answer your questions and I am sure that is true in other organizations. It is in our best interests and also in the best interest of the community that false rumors are not spread.

Several weeks ago we raffled off a Senior Center Quilt and the winner was Dan and Aggie Adamson from Oregon City. They bought their winning ticket at the Senior Center’s Cherry Festival Breakfast when they came to enjoy the festivities. We now have another quilt to raffle and many have said it is even better than the last one, if that is possible. Stop by to see the new quilt hanging on the lobby wall, and buy your raffle tickets.

You are invited to a festive picnic in the Dufur City Park Saturday July 12th 11:00 am – 1:00, but by July 7th you need to make reservations by contacting Jackie Williams at 541-298-4065. The picnic is co-sponsored by the Dufur Historical Society and the Wasco County Historical Society. The cost is $8.50 per person for the BBQ sandwich, salads, desserts and drinks catered by Kramer’s Market. The musical entertainment will be provided by the Dufur Valley String Band. At 1:00 pm, the Dufur Historical Society will offer tours of the Metzentine Exhibit Hall, Endersby School, Schreiber Cabin and the newly renovated Kramer’s Market. And don’t forget the Dufur Threshing Bee from August 8 through the 10th.

Skip and Janet Tschanz are continuing their “1st Monday Hikes”. Their next hike will be on Monday July 7th and will be a “feast for the eyes and feet”. It is an easy hike starting at Starvation Creek Park and includes Lancaster Falls and a trek along a remnant of the Historic Columbia River Highway. Skip always knows the best places to hike at the best times of the year. It is suggested hikers wear traction soled walking shoes and to bring some water. Again we will carpool from the Senior Center at 10:00 a.m. With the price of gas, donations for the drivers are welcome, but not mandatory.

Once in a while when I am on the Coffeebreak with Al Wynn I get a little flustered (maybe I am just envious of his full head of grey hair) and spout off incorrect information. So to correct myself, the next Network on Aging meeting is Thursday July 10th from 3:00 – 4:30 in the basement of the Senior Center and not the earlier time I mentioned on the radio. The meeting is open to all professionals who help support seniors in order to network, learn more about issues in the field of aging and advocate for seniors. If you would like more information contact Sue Samet at the Area Agency on Aging at 298-4101.

On July 8th the Senior Center’s regular second Tuesday musicians, “The Notecrackers” will be playing their fine dancing and listening music from the 20’s through the 60’s. And tonight Truman Boler is back playing his Country Gold. Music starts at 7:00 and admission is always free but donations are kindly accepted. Everyone is welcome.

The mission of the Senior Center is to promote healthy aging by sharing and caring which can be summarized in three simple words: explore – connect – contribute. You can improve your health and attitude by exploring new opportunities and taking positive risks – although it may not necessarily mean taking a walk on the wild side – by connecting with others through shared experiences and stories and by contributing back to your community.

And there are so many ways to contribute. We rely so much on volunteers to make the senior center operate, and we are not the only ones. Most non-profits from Meals-on-Wheels to the Mid-Columbia Medical Center; from Big Brothers/Big Sisters to SMART and from our local service clubs to our local churches, all rely on a cadre of volunteers. The need is huge. To try to help fill the need and to provide healthy opportunities for seniors I will try to highlight a volunteer opportunity that just may fit your interests and time commitment. Volunteering is good for the community but it is also good for the soul.

That is it for another week. Until the next time, stay cool and listen before you leap.

“It isn’t what they say about you, it’s what they whisper.” Errol Flynn

“There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true.” Winston Churchill

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