Senior Living November 13th 2012

Now that nature’s lights are dimming and the temperatures are dropping, instead of sitting in front of the television set, why not embark on that task you have been putting off for years: sorting through all the bills, receipts, legal papers you have accumulated in boxes and file cabinets over the many years. But what should you toss in the wastebasket and what should you shred?
To help out, and since I didn’t really know, I went online and found several answers – but it depends on what degree you want to protect your personal information. Some websites suggest you shouldn’t take any chances and shred all your documents including everything you receive in the mail.
That may be a little extreme. But it is definitely recommended that you destroy all documents, including junk mail, which includes any of the following: account numbers, birth dates, passwords, PINs, signatures and social security numbers.
You should also consider shredding items that include: names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses – including any kind of credit card offers and applications; courtesy checks from banks; monthly bills; and anything related to taxes and receipts with your signature. (One source did suggest you don’t need to shred receipts showing just the last four digits of your credit card number – if they don’t include your signature. And any documents having just your name and address which is public information.)  In addition, you might want to shred any other personal information that you wouldn’t want identity thieves to find – or your wife or husband!

If you decide to shred the documents yourself, avoid the least expensive strip-cut shredders, and instead use a cross-cut ,confetti or diamond-cut shredder which makes it almost impossible to piece a document back together.

If you want to save time (you don’t have to remove paper clips and staples) and know your documents will be securely destroyed, you can call Gorge Security Shred at 541-490-7078. They have met the tough certification requirements of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) and are a service provided by the local non-profit Opportunity Connections. A representative will meet you at a designated location, (often the Center’s parking lot) to pick up your documents which will then be securely transported to their shredding facility in Parkdale. You will be mailed a Certificate of Destruction verifying your documents have been shredded and cannot be reconstructed. The cost is generally twenty cents a pound with some exceptions. It is easy, cheap and convenient.
We must be having fun because time is passing quickly, as we fast approach the third Saturday of November. And that means Saturday Breakfast and Old Fashioned Bingo on November 17th. Breakfast is from 8:00 – 9:30 and the menu is – well I forgot to ask, but it is always tasty. And Old Fashioned Bingo is gaining in popularity. It is fun, simple and great for the grandkids. Cards are $3.00, prizes are $5 and $25 for the last blackout and runs from 3:00 – 4:00 pm. (And you still have time to come back for Saturday Night Bingo starting at 6:00.)
Thanks to Dan Williams for forwarding me an email demonstrating how amazingly our brains can read text where numbers are substituted for several letters. So see if your brain can read the Center’s music announcement for this week. 70NIGH7 M4R71N 4ND FR13ND5 W1LL B3 PL4Y1NG. 4ND N3X7 W33K 17 W1LL 0NC3 4G41N B3 7RUM4N P3RF0RM1NG H15 C0UN7RY G0LD 4S Y0U D4NC3 7H3 N1GH7 4W4Y. 7HE MU31C 574R75 47 7:00 PM, 3V3RY0N3 15 W3LC0M3, 4ND D0N4710N5 4R3 4LLW4Y5 4PPR3C1473D.
It was 1974 through January of 1977 when Gerald Ford and Nelson Rockerfeller were President and Vice-President without either being elected by the people. (And the randomly selected winner of a free Saturday breakfast is Kathy Ursprung.) This week’s “Remember When” question goes back to 1959 when this crime drama first appeared on ABC. It was inspired by real-life Prohibition agents who battled Chicago criminal elements including  Al Capone. The show was criticized for its violent shoot-outs but was a hit among viewers making it one of ABC’s early hits. What was the name of the show and its star actor? E-mail your answer to the, call 541-296-4788 or mail it with an autographed memoir by Elliot Ness and Oscar Fraley.
Well, it has been another week, trying to get use to the early morning chill.  Until we meet again, sleep tight, but don’t let the bed bugs bite.
“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” – Pablo Picasso

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